How do you keep cats away from plants?

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You probably know it; you just got some nice new plants, or you’ve had them for a while, and you love them. But cats love your plants just as much as you do, and they are constantly at them. Of course, it’s a shame if your plants don’t last as long or don’t stay as beautiful as you had hoped. But how can you make sure that cats stay away from your beautiful plants without it being harmful for both the cats and the plants? We’ll be happy to explain that to you. So, keep reading if you want to enjoy your plants for as long as possible.


Indoor and outdoor plants

Are you someone who mainly wants to protect his or her plants in the house from your own cats? Someone who has a lot of outdoor plants and wants to protect them? Or just both? Rest assured, there are tips you can apply to both indoor and outdoor plants. That’s good, of course, because cats can destroy plants both indoors and outdoors or start digging in the sand. With these tips, you can prevent cats from getting close to your plants.


Lemon and orange scent

Maybe you love it yourself, the lovely fresh smell of a lemon or an orange. Cats on the other hand don’t, they don’t like this smell and therefore this is an ideal way to keep cats away from your plants. You can therefore choose to spread the peel of a lemon or orange between your plants, you will notice that the cats will no longer be so quick to sit by them.


Spread other unpleasant odors

Besides lemon and orange scent, cats are not fond of pepper, garlic, lavender, peppermint, or mothballs either. You can therefore choose to sprinkle these among the plants. This is especially useful for the plants you have outside, because the smell is of course not so pleasant for yourself either. Make sure you spread new scents regularly, because the unpleasant smells can quickly disappear after a heavy rain.

Kitten with flowers

Put chicken wire on the floor

Put down chicken wire on the floor? How could that possibly keep cats away from your plants? Actually, the explanation is quite simple, cats often dig between plants because they love to dig in sand. When you put chicken wire around your plant, a cat will not like digging at all anymore. This does not feel very pleasant to dig in. To prevent it from not looking so nice when you place chicken wire, you can choose to hide it away by hiding the mesh a bit under the sand. You can bet your cat won’t be digging in the sand near the plants anymore.


Place aluminum foil between the plants

This is not only a funny fact for many, but as a proud plant owner you will also benefit from it. This is because you can also place aluminum foil between the plants, because cats hate this. When you put this between your plants, it is not only a funny fact that cats hate this, but you will benefit from it too. Your cat will certainly stay away from the plants.


Scatter coffee beans

Most people love a nice cup of coffee, either to wake up or just for relaxation. Most people can appreciate the smell of coffee, but cats don’t like that smell at all. When you choose to scatter some coffee beans between your plants, you will soon notice that cats will no longer come near your well cared for plants. It is important to know that you do not put coffee grounds between your plants, because coffee grounds can cause bacteria to grow, and you want to prevent that.


Create a special corner for your cats

You can choose to have extra plants in the house, but plants that your cats love. These are plants that are mainly used for cats. By choosing to have these plants in the house, they will be more likely to go to these plants than to the ones they are not allowed to reach. The plants that are there specifically for cats include:

  • Catnip
  • Cat grass
  • Peelseed
  • Gamander

Cat in garden

Ultrasonic sound for outdoors

If you’re eager to protect outdoor plants from cats, you can always choose to install an ultrasonic device. Maybe the name doesn’t sound completely familiar to you, but the sound probably does. This is the sound of the annoying beep that you sometimes hear when you walk past a garden where they have installed such a device.

Cats hear tremendously high-pitched sounds that we as humans cannot always hear. We can tolerate the sound, but cats absolutely cannot. If you have placed this device in your garden, cats will certainly not voluntarily go to your plants to play with it. They prefer to stay away from this annoying sound, which of course has many advantages for you.


Make use of a water sprinkler

Cats are not at all fond of water, so you can use it to scare them away from your plants. For this you can use water sprinklers that work through electricity, so cats will not come near your plants. Of course, you can’t just keep watering your plants, because so much water is not good for your plants, and it is a shame to waste water that unnecessarily. So, this is mainly a solution that you can use occasionally to keep the cats away from your plants. You can always choose to apply other tips besides this one.


Scatter cat scare granules

Cat scare granules – better known as defenders cat scatter granules – what should you imagine with that? And does it really scare your cat or is it just the name of these effective granules? We understand that you have these questions and are happy to tell you what cat scaring granules are and why they can be useful. Cat scare granules are actually clay granules with a nasty smell. You can therefore sprinkle some of these pellets between your plants.

Therefore, if a cat smells this scent, you can assume that a cat will not go near the plants. You may wonder whether these grains are toxic, we would like to take that doubt away from you. They are grains that are made via plant extracts so there is a pleasant smell, therefore they are not harmful to cats or your plants. That’s good to know!


Protect your plants with a ground cover

Protect your plants with a ground cover, what should you think of? A ground cover can be anything, as long as you cover the soil. You can think of wood chips or bark. But why exactly is it a handy solution to protect your plants? Actually, that’s quite simple, because cats don’t like to walk on ground that is full of stuff that is not comfortable for their paws. They prefer to walk on flat ground. If you scatter some wood chips or tree bark around your plants, the cats will not come close to your plants.


Spread staghorn oil on the branches

Staghorn oil, have you ever heard of it? If not, by now you are aware of what this oil is. You can choose to smear staghorn oil on a few branches, this is an oil that smells tremendously. Cats will therefore not come close to your plants. Make sure you only use this oil for outdoor plants, because you really don’t want this nasty smell in your home. After all, you don’t want to stay away from your beautiful plants, right?

Maine Coon in flowers

Fill up  your garden

If you are a lover of a full garden, then it is a good idea to put a lot of plants in the garden. Not only because this is very beautiful, but also you will keep cats away with this. Especially if cats feel the need to defecate between the beautiful plants. If your garden is very full of all kinds of plants, cats will not easily do their business there. As you know, cats often bury their droppings. If there are a lot of plants, they won’t dig and therefore won’t deposit their droppings between your beautiful plants. So, filling your garden with lots of beautiful plants is a real win-win situation in this case.


Safe for cats

We would like to inform you that these options to keep cats away from your plants are not harmful to cats. The health of the cats is very important, even though you may sometimes find it very annoying that they have been at your plants again. We have therefore shared with you some useful tips that actually help and at the same time are safe for cats. Moreover, these are also safe for your plants! So, you don’t always have to use all sorts of harmful substances when it comes to caring for your plants.


Protect your beautifully cared for plants!

As you can see, there are many solutions to protect your plants from cats who destroy your plants or dig in the sand around your plants. You don’t want that, because you don’t have such beautiful plants in your home or garden for nothing. By using these tips, you will be assured that your plants remain beautiful and that no cats will come near them.

Do you want to enjoy your plants for as long as possible? Then don’t wait too long and apply one of our tips quickly, so you can prevent the cats from destroying your beautiful plants. We hope that our tips have been useful and that you have enjoyed reading the article. Are you already able to keep your cat away from your plants?

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