How much do Maine Coon kittens cost? (monthly cost overview)

Maine Coon lying in grass

The Maine Coon breed is one of the most famous. Maine Coon cats are large, fluffy, and have cute ear tufts, making them easy to identify. These gentle giant felines are popular for their personality and beauty. Friendly and sociable, Maine Coon cats love people and other animals, making them ideal family pets. Currently, this registered breed of cats is in third place. Maine Coon cats have a dazzling variety of coat colours and patterns.

Maine Coon combines exotic beauty with sweet nature, which is irresistible! If you are obsessed with these furry beasts, you may be interested in bringing one into your family. Before deciding to adopt a Maine Coon cat, it is best to know as much as possible about its species and its daily care. Having pets is a huge responsibility and should be treated as such. This breed requires a lot of time and money for its maintenance. In this article you can find how much Maine Coon kittens cost.

The initial investment cost of a new Maine Coon depends on several factors. If you are going to buy a new cat, the first variable will depend on whether you adopt it or the price of the pet. Another variable is the age of the cat. If this is not your first pet cat, you probably already have some necessary supplies in your home, which will also reduce your initial cost.



It sounds amazing, but in some cases, you can get a new Maine Coon for free. Perhaps a friend or family member can no longer care for their Maine Coon and asks for your help. From time to time, free Maine Coon adoptions are advertised online or in classified newspapers. Regardless of the situation, it is always important to remember that there are no truly “free” pets. Make sure you can cover the cost of caring for a new Maine Coon.



$ 100 – $ 400

You may have to be patient, but it is possible to find Maine Coons available for adoption. Local animal shelters or breed-specific rescue centres are great places to look for Maine Coons to adopt. The cost of adopting a Maine Coon generally includes some basic veterinary care, such as vaccinations or spaying and neutering.

Maine Coon and puppy


$ 800 – $ 2,000

The first step in purchasing a Maine Coon from a breeder is to make sure you are working with a reputable and responsible cat breeder. Such breeders work hard to ensure they produce healthy kittens. The International Cat Association (TICA) maintains a list of registered breeders; this is a good place to start your search. Buying a Maine Coon from a breeder can be expensive, and the higher the quality of the cat, the higher the cost.


Cat’s initial setup and basic utensils and accessories

$ 350 – $ 1300

The initial cost of your new Maine Coon facility and basic supplies will largely depend on the age of your new cat. Vaccinating a kitten with all its vaccinations, as well as spaying or neutering it, will cost more than adopting an adult cat that has been neutered and has a full vaccination schedule. On the other hand, older cats can have more health problems, such as dental problems, that require expensive treatment. Accessories can include beds, litter boxes, toys, and more. If you’ve already owned cats, these tools are cheaper if you already have them.


Monthly cost

$ 90 – $ 430

Now that you understand the upfront costs of bringing a new Maine Coon home, what are the monthly costs? Remember that Maine Coon felines can be up to two times the size of the normal house feline. A bigger feline likewise implies a greater expense for food, litter, and medication, particularly in the event that you have more than one feline. Here is a breakdown of a portion of the rough month to month expenses of claiming a Maine Coon feline.


Medical services

USD $ 50–USD $ 360 every month

Keeping your Maine Coon solid includes substantially more than simply taking him to the vet (albeit that is significant as well!) Ensuring your feline gets a legitimate eating routine and gets ordinary prepping to keep his jacket sound is likewise a significant piece of preparing. Maine Coon well-being. Large numbers of these expenses shift dependent on the age of the feline and neighbourhood costs in your area.

Maine Coon being held


USD $ 20–USD $ 50 every month

A grown-up male Maine Coon feline can gauge a normal of 9 kg. Adolescent Maine Coons are known to have an enormous craving and can eat up to 1 cup of dry food daily. More seasoned felines eat less, so month to month food costs rely upon the age of your feline and the sort of food you give.

Maine Coons truly do best on excellent, high-protein, low-carb food varieties. Certain individuals like to take care of them wet food sources or an eating routine dependent on crude meat (BARF-type diet). You should remember that this sort of diet is generally more costly than dry kibble.


Coat Maintenance and Grooming

USD $ 0 – USD $ 70 every month

After the underlying expense of buying a brush and nail trimmer, keeping up with your Maine Coon will set you back additional time than cash. The renowned cushioned layer of the Maine Coon needs normal brushing, ideally every day, and to some degree one time each week. You should keep their nails short.

Part of the upkeep of the Maine Coon coat likewise incorporates ordinary showers or the utilization of cleaning wipes for felines. A few proprietors would rather that their felines visit the veterinary salon a normal of 3-4 times each year. These meetings can cost between USD $ 30 and USD $ 70 relying upon the nation where they are found.


Drug and Vet Visits

USD $ 20–USD $ 200 every month

The base medication cost for your Maine Coon is the cost of the preventive insect and ectoparasite treatment allowed one time per month. A 3-month supply of insect and tick protection treatment costs about $ 50. Month to month vet costs are variable, contingent upon whether your Maine Coon is taking different meds or necessities to go to the vet for a yearly test or a few inoculations. As a Maine Coon ages, it for the most part starts to require more veterinary consideration, which can build month to month expenses.


Pet Insurance

USD $ 10–USD $ 40 every month

Pet protection for felines is generally less expensive than for canines, in any event, for canine estimated felines like the Maine Coon! The month-to-month cost of the strategy will rely upon the sort of inclusion you pick. A few strategies will take care of the expense of inoculations and other preventive consideration. Different arrangements just cover crises or ailments that require long haul treatment. Whatever the month-to-month cost of pet protection, it merits realizing that you will not need to stress over a major bill in the occasion your Maine Coon becomes ill or requirements medical procedure.


Sandbox Maintenance

USD $ 25-USD $ 40 every month

The greater part of your Maine Coon’s month to month support costs will be connected with keeping his litter box new and clean. Bigger felines will generally have bigger litters and you should think about this in your financial plan.

Maine Coon close-up


USD $ 15–USD $ 30 every month

Keeping your Maine Coon feline actually dynamic and intellectually engaged is a fundamental piece of dealing with his wellbeing. Exhausted felines frequently foster unfortunate quirks like scratching furniture or checking regions. Inactive felines can put on weight and therefore foster medical conditions. Ensure your feline has a wide range of toys, you ought to invest some energy every day playing and collaborating with your Maine Coon feline.

An incredible method for planning for your month-to-month feline toy costs is by preferring an assistance that sends you another crate of feline toys every month. This way you can realize precisely the amount you are spending, and your feline will forever have a genuinely new thing and energizing to play with.


Extra Costs to Consider

Notwithstanding the underlying and month to month costs, you should think about other conceivable extra costs while claiming a Maine Coon feline. These can comprise of anything from cleaning costs for harm brought about by your Maine Coon to costs for health-related crises.

Likely the most troublesome cost to spending plan for is any crisis clinical consideration your Maine Coon might require. Costs could go from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars, contingent upon the kind of veterinary clinical consideration required. Assuming you don’t have pet protection, it is prescribed that you attempt to keep between $ 500 and $ 1,500 in a secret stash for your pets.

Surprising costs are an unavoidable piece of possessing a pet, even a Maine Coon. The most effective way to get ready for these costs is to have an arrangement and in a perfect world keep some cash put something aside for these unforeseen costs.



To put it plainly, your greatest cost will probably be the point at which you initially bring your Maine Coon home. Contingent upon how much your new feline expenses, you could spend up to a normal of $ 3,300 in introductory venture costs. Once more, as examined in the article, there are a couple of choices to diminish these expenses. When you have your new feline at home, you can hope to spend a normal of $ 90 to $ 430 every month really focusing on your Maine Coon feline.

Once more, these figures are assessing and will fluctuate dependent on a few variables, however they are a decent manual for begin making a month-to-month spending plan for the consideration of your pets. Maine Coon felines are brilliant creatures that merit a caring home. Sadly, love doesn’t take care of the bills, so you’ll have to have one more arrangement prepared for that. Prior to bringing a Maine Coon feline home, ensure you comprehend the expense and responsibility that this includes. So, you can partake in your new shaggy companion with not so much concerns but rather more warmth!

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