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Are you looking for information about a specific cat breed? Or do you want to check out as many breeds as possible, to see if there are any cat breeds you like? We made breed description for more than 50 cat breeds, in which we describe the character, the history and the life expectancy of all these cat breeds. You will also find information if certain cats need extra grooming. Go on and find your favorite cat breed!


Top 10 Most populair cat breeds

Cats are beloved companions for people all over the world, and there is no shortage of unique breeds to choose from. From slim and elegant Siamese cats to Maine Coons with large bones, each breed

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Relaxed cat breeds

11 Most Relaxed Cat Breeds

Are you looking for a relaxed cat breed to bring home? If so, look no further! There are many cat breeds that have a gentle personality and laid-back attitude, making them perfect companions for those

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Japanese cat breeds

5 Most Popular Japanese cat breeds

Many unique and beautiful cat breeds can be found in Japan, from Munchkin to Persian and Russian Blue. These cats are beloved by pet owners all around the world for their intelligence, independence, and loving

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British cat breeds

9 British cat breeds (including photos)

This article explores the unique characteristics of cat breeds that have their origins in Great Britain such as the British Shorthair, the British Longhair, and the Cornish Rex. Each breed has its own distinctive personality,

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