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Cats have a reputation for being somewhat aloof. Whereas a dog is always happy to be petted, cats would only give love when it suits them. For some cat breeds this is true, but there are also a lot of affectionate cat breeds. Such breeds can often justifiably be described as lap cats. Cats will always be less affectionate than dogs, it is in their nature. Nevertheless, there are a lot of cat breeds that are more affectionate than average. Below we list the top 10 most affectionate cat breeds for you, starting with the number 10.


10. The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is known as one of the easiest cat breeds at the moment. Ragdoll is the English word for rag doll. It is a good characterization for this breed, since they are known to hang like a limp rag doll when you pick them up. The Ragdoll is a real lap cat and likes to spend hours of the day lying on your lap.

Besides that, this cat breed is seen as the breed that has the most affection of a dog. They are also known as the puppies of the cats. Not only do they love to cuddle and play with you, but they also stand at the door waiting for you when you get home. The focus of this breed is on the owner. This makes this breed suitable as an indoor cat.



9. The Maine Coon

Many people are surprised when we tell them that Maine Coons are affectionate cats. Originally this breed was developed to catch rats for companies that had a lot of trouble with them. An excellent hunter can also be a cuddly cat, the one does not exclude the other. The Maine Coon is a hefty lap cat, with a generous size and a weight that can be more than 8 kg. In addition, this is a social and friendly cat that likes to play with you and is friendly to others. This makes it a suitable cat for families with children.

Maine Coon cat


8. The Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a real indoor cat with a quiet character. They do like your attention and have a mind of their own. They love to play with you. Besides that, the Russian Blue is known to become very attached to their owner. They can be a little reserved in the beginning, but this changes quickly.

They love to spend time with you and remain playful until a very old age. Their gentle nature makes this breed a good match for families with children. This cat breed will not lie on your lap for hours, but they are affectionate. A good cuddle is welcome to them at any time. Make sure you let your Russian Blue come into contact with other people, otherwise they can become shy.

Russian Blue cat


7. The Manx

The Manx is a friendly cat breed that comes from the Isle of Man. They are distinguished by the lack of a tail. They have a gentle nature, and a Manx loves to play with you. They are also smart cats, which means they will sometimes explore places you don’t want them to go. They are smart enough to open doors and drawers. They love to be challenged intellectually.

This breed can entertain itself for hours with brain games. They love the company of people. Some Manx Cats get attached to a specific person, but they can also love anyone who lives with them in the house. The Manx is suitable for children. Because of their gentle character and focus on their owners, the Manx are among the most affectionate cat breeds today.



6. The Tonkinese

The Tonkinese originated from a cross between Siamese cats and Burmese cats. This alert and active breed is smart and social. They love to show their love to you, and they can spend hours on your lap. The Tonkinese is a real lap cat. They also like to sit on your shoulder. Tonkinese follow you everywhere and they also welcome guests at the door.

Because the Tonkinese is both smart and active, it is important that you make your home cat-safe. For example, they do not hesitate to open the door to your supplies, looking for something tasty to snack on. They are also capable of opening the door to the outside. Give them enough attention, play with them regularly and play brain games with them. You will end up with a friend for life who adores you.



5. The Persian

The Persian, also known as the Persian cat, are loyal cats who will sit on your lap of their own accord. According to many, the Persian is the ultimate lap cat. The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds at the moment. This is due to their personality as well as their appearance. This beautiful appearance does mean that you have to spend time on the daily care of this breed.

Daily combing and a weekly bath are recommended. In terms of personality, this cat breed is sweet and calm. They love everyone who is nice to them. They notice immediately when someone is fond of cats and when someone is not. They love to spend a lot of time with you. The Persian is not a cat that likes to be athletic. However, this breed is suitable for families with (young) children.

Persian cat


4. The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian cannot be characterised as a lap cat. Yet we count this cat breed among the most affectionate cat breeds at the moment. This is because they like to be near you. This breed is best suited to families where there is always someone at home. So, the cat is never alone. This breed needs a lot of love and attention.

If they don’t get enough of this or are regularly left alone at home, this cat breed can quickly become depressed. That is how sensitive they are to this. This is what makes the Abyssinian one of the most affectionate cat breeds at the moment. At the same time, they will not easily be found on your lap. So, they are affectionate in their own way.



3. The Siamese

The Siamese, also known as the Siamese cat, is a breed that loves love and attention from their owner. They are one of the most popular cat breeds at the moment. This breed can happily talk to you all day long, they always have something to tell you. This makes the Siamese cat one of the most extrovert cat breeds of today. They prefer to tell you about their day from your lap, because the Siamese is a real lap cat.

They are very loyal to their owner, but this cat breed needs a lot of attention. They don’t like being left alone at home for a while and prefer to get attention all the time. In addition, Siamese cats like to be active. It is even possible to go on agility training with them. The Siamese is also suitable for families with children. They also have no problems with the presence of another pet. If you are away from home a lot, it is even advisable to have another pet or a second Siamese in the house.

Siamese cat


2. The Sphynx

The Sphynx is also one of the most affectionate cat breeds today. This cat breed has no hair, so there is also a practical reason why they often lie on your lap. It is nice and warm for them there. At the same time, the Sphynx is a real lap cat. They love their owners and like to be near you. At night, they prefer to lie against you in bed. Their social nature makes them happy to interact with you. They love to play and have your attention. They like to be with you often and they don’t like being left alone. A second Sphynx cat is recommended if you are away from home regularly.

Sphynx cat


1. The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cats, also known as the Scottish Fold, stand out because of their ears that fold forward. This makes the appearance of this cat breed unique. Because of their sweet character, the Scottish Fold is seen as one of the best cat breeds to choose when you first take a cat into your home. They are real lap cats who love nothing more than lying on your lap. This breed is also known for its love of staring at you.

This is also a way in which they show their affection. Besides their affection, this breed is very social towards other people and other pets. Please note that the Scottish Fold is not a cat breed that can be left alone for a long time. This makes them very unhappy. If you are regularly away from home, this is not the cat breed for you. Fun fact: the most famous owner of a Scottish Fold cat is Taylor Swift.

Scottish Fold cat



Above you have read our top 10 most affectionate cat breeds. These cat breeds get attached to their owners and like to be near you. A large part of these breeds can also be characterised as lap cats. Our top 10 includes the following breeds:

  • The Ragdoll
  • The Maine Coon
  • The Russian Blue
  • The Manx
  • The Tonkinese
  • The Persian
  • The Abyssinian
  • The Siamese
  • The Sphynx
  • The Scottish Fold

There are more cat breeds that can be characterised as affectionate. You can think of breeds like the Cornish Rex, the Egyptian Mau, the Burmese, the Devon Rex, the Bombay, the Burmese and the Somali.

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