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The Lykoi, a breed with a striking and unique appearance. The Lykoi is also called wolf-cat. This has to do with its appearance. His name means wolf. Lycos is Greek for wolf. The name Lykoi is derived from this. The Lykoi is very intelligent and loves to socialise with people. Its unique appearance and its fine character make this breed very popular with cat lovers. Would you like to know more about this unique breed? Then read this article.


The origin of the Lykoi: America!

The Lykoi is a true American breed. Because the Lykoi has such a unique appearance, people often think that this breed was deliberately bred for this.  But this is not the case. This breed originated naturally by a number of mutations. In 2011 this breed was officially established, but probably the first specimen was found in 2010. The breed has arisen because two kittens were born which had special mutations. To make sure these mutations were caused by mutations in the gene and not by diseases or disorders, a thorough investigation was done. Then these cats were paired together. From this came the first bred Lykoi.

Since this breed has been known, there have also been situations in several countries where a similar cat has emerged naturally. This has caused the Lykoi to become more and more popular in other countries and continents.


The character of the Lykoi: very intelligent

The most striking feature of this breed’s character is its intelligence. The Lykoi has no difficulty in solving problems and stumbling blocks he encounters himself. A Lykoi loves to be with people. He also has a calmer side and can enjoy himself very well. For example, by playing with toys.

The Lykoi, as you would expect, love to hunt actively. It is wise to give him the opportunity to do so. They are very energetic and want to be able to hunt actively.

What is also striking about the character of the Lykoi is that he can sometimes be very reticent when meeting new people and animals. He looks at the cat from the tree. When he notices that the new people or animals are not a threat, he will quickly make friends with them.

So, the Lykoi is a fine family cat and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular.


Infographic Lykoi cat about weight, size, characteristics and life expectancy

The appearance of the Lykoi, in a word: striking

The most striking feature of his appearance is the fact that he is partly bald. He also has a special coat colour. He has a mixture of coat colours. The colour spectrum runs from white to black. The coat can appear in different shades. Also, the degree of hairlessness can differ. Some cats are almost completely bald, and some have almost a full coat. So, it varies a lot from cat to cat.

What is standard is that he has no hair around his eyes, nose and chin. His ears and nose can feel like they are made of leather.Because his face doesn’t have a lot of hair, he gets a wild look. This is the look that makes him so unique and sought after.Lykoi’s skin is beautiful pink. This is very striking. But when the sun shines, it can become quite dark after a few days. This is completely normal and not something to worry about when you have a Lykoi in the house. The body of the Lykoi is average. However, there is a big difference between males and females. The male body is a lot bigger than the body of a female.

Lykoi’s ears are quite broad compared to other breeds. In addition, they are long and pointed. His tail is a lot shorter than his body and his legs are also of medium length. Another striking feature of the appearance of the Lykoi is that they are often born completely black. The hairlessness and the change of coat colour often start after a week or two. You will soon see him change in appearance.


The upbringing of the Lykoi

When it comes to raising the Lykoi, it is important to take this very seriously. The upbringing has a big influence on how healthy and how old the cat gets. The upbringing of the Lykoi starts with the breeder. The breeder makes sure that the socialisation period, on average the first fourteen to sixteen weeks of a cat, is done in the right way. The socialisation period is very important for the development of the kitten’s behaviour and has to be done correctly. For this reason, it is advisable to buy your Lykoi from a recognised breeder who is a member of a breed association. The breeder then knows exactly how to raise a Lykoi during the socialisation period. In this way he will grow up to be a healthy cat.

When the socialisation period is over and you pick up the kitten from the breeder, you as the owner are responsible for the further education of the Lykoi. Before you start with this, it is wise to make your house kitten-proof. Make sure that all fragile things are gone. Kittens don’t know a lot of stuff yet and can break a lot of things by accident. Also take away dangerous things. It is also advisable to clean up loose cords. The kitten can get stuck to this.

Because the Lykoi loves to hunt and likes to go outside, it is also advisable to check everything in the garden. Make sure the garden is safe for the kitten. Keep in mind that the Lykoi has a thin coat. This means it will burn quickly. For this reason, it is wise to only let it outside on days when the sun is not shining.

When the environment is safe, it is time to get the right things in the house. The right things are important for the upbringing. Make sure you have a litter box, scratching posts and toys. When you have done all this you are ready to bring the Lykoi kitten into the house.

When the Lykoi enters the house for the first time, it is important that you give him an immediate feeling of security. You do this by letting him get used to his new surroundings. It is wise to leave him in a room in the beginning and let him discover everything quietly. Also make sure you have a routine around eating, sleeping and grooming. This gives the cat security and helps him to get used to his new environment.

So, the most important thing about raising a Lykoi is that you give the cat time to get used to it and that you provide a clear routine. Besides that, it is wise to buy the kittens only from a recognised breeder and make sure you have all the necessities in house.

Lykoi lying down

The care of the Lykoi: quite simple

Taking care of the Lykoi is quite simple. Its coat is thin and should be brushed gently once a week. What is needed is to give him a regular bath. Because he has a thin coat, a lot of oil is released on his skin. If this is not cleaned regularly it can cause inflammation. So, keep a close eye on the skin. If you notice that it gets infected, you should give it a bath more often. How often this has to be done differs per Lykoi, because some have quite a lot of coat and others do not. So, you have to be aware of this yourself.

The care also includes vaccinations. Vaccinations are necessary to prevent known cat diseases. That is why an annual vaccination is necessary. It is also wise to brush your teeth several times a week. Dental problems occur regularly at the Lykoi. Not treating these problems in time can cause serious health problems. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to brush your teeth, preferably every day. Not only is this best for his teeth, but it also helps him get used to it.

The nails of the Lykoi are partly taken care of by him. This happens when he plays with the scratching post. However, it is possible that his nails become too long. If this is the case, you can just cut them. There are special nail scissors for sale for cat nails. It is possible that your Lykoi does not like to be cut. In that case you can call in a vet who can help you with this.

Furthermore, his ears and eyes can get dirty. So, keep an eye on them and clean them in good time when necessary.


The food the Lykoi needs

The Lykoi should be fed around the same time every day. It is best to feed him twice a day. In between you can give him snacks but try to limit this. The Lykoi is sensitive to obesity.

The Lykoi’s diet must consist of animal fats and proteins, because this is the best for his health. Animal proteins contain a complete amino acid profile. This means that all amino acids are in it. This way you can be sure that your Lykoi gets the necessary amino acids. In addition, animal nutrition, i.e., meat and fish, contains essential vitamins and minerals that are important for his health.

Feeding with extra protein is not necessary because the Lykoi is not known as a muscular breed. Go for a combination of wet and dry food and choose a complete meal. A complete meal contains animal proteins and fats. In addition, it contains all vitamins and minerals. Do you want to give your cat something to snack on? Then go for animal products and make sure they are always fully cooked.Lykoi cat standing up

Diseases that are common in Lykoi

The Lykoi is a very healthy breed without breed specific diseases. However, the cat is prone to banished skin, because it often has a thin coat and is half bald. It is important to prevent the skin from burning. You can do this by keeping it inside or by only letting it out when the sun is not shining. So, the most common disorders in this unique breed have to do with his skin. So, this is what you want to focus on.

Despite the fact that this is a strong and healthy breed, it is still vulnerable to the “standard” diseases that are common in cats. Heart problems in particular can occur. So, pay close attention to the behaviour. From the behaviour of a Lykoi you can quickly see if something is wrong. A Lykoi is active and loves to play. Is this not the case and do you notice that he only lies down and doesn’t do much else? Then there is a good chance that something is wrong. In such a case, immediately call in the vet.3


How old can Lykoi become?

On average, the Lykoi grows to be about 12 to 15 years old. This relatively long lifespan has everything to do with his good health and the absence of gene related disorders. When the socialisation period has gone well and the cat is raised well, you can generally enjoy this breed for a long time. Nutrition also plays an important role in his longevity. So, make sure you provide good food.


What do you need to know before you buy a Lykoi?

Did you know that in the Netherlands, it can be difficult to buy a Lykoi? That is due to the fact that not many breeders are known there. In other countries, like France, you can easily get a Lykoi. Also, in America it is easier to buy this breed. So, if you want to get a Lykoi, you should visit the website of The International Cat Association, to find a breeder for your Lykoi.

In addition, this breed likes a lot of attention. It is important that he gets that attention. So, before you buy a Lykoi, ask yourself if you have enough time to give him enough attention. They can be alone, but human attention is preferable.


Lykoi kitten

What price do you have to think of if you want to buy a Lykoi?

For a Lykoi you pay between $1700 and $2900. So, the price of the Lykoi is quite high and these prices are quite expensive for a pedigree cat. There are also care costs involved. Think for example of the food, the toys, the vet and an insurance. So, it is worthwhile to make a calculation in advance of what you will lose. Then decide if the Lykoi is something for you.


Do you also choose the Lykoi?

The Lykoi is an extremely unique and popular breed. Yet it can be difficult to get it in the Netherlands. What do you think of this beautiful breed? Do you already have a Lykoi in your house? We are very curious about your opinion of this breed. Please let us know in the reactions under this article!

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