Why does my cat bite my nose? (6 common reasons)

Cat biting nose

Cats are loyal, lovable and cute companions. Nevertheless, on occasions they display certain behaviours which can sometimes be a little bit bizarre. One example of this is how cats tend to bite the noses of their humans. This funny custom of many felines raises many questions about the motivations that push them towards doing it. Have you ever wondered why is it that your cat has the habit of biting your nose? If so, read along to know all about the reasons behind this interesting behaviour of your furry friend!



As happens with many animals, cats can usually display territorial behaviour, especially when they feel like their area is being threatened in any way. What happens with many cats is that, when they identify an environment as their own territory, they will do all they can to protect it and demonstrate their dominance in it. Nevertheless, this does not always mean that your cat will become aggressive to defend its territory. Just spreading their scent around their area is a way of marking their presence and dominance.

In this sense, when your cat bites your nose, it’s possible that the aim of this is to mark you as part of its club! By licking and biting your nose, they are making sure that it is widely known that you both belong together. This is why it’s also very common to see this behaviour in cats when you bring another animal to the house, for example. Your cat will want to make sure that the newcomer knows who owns the place!


Sharing love and affection

At first glance, biting your nose may seem like aggressive behaviour. But the truth is that it’s not always like this! In fact, when your cat bites your nose it may actually be trying to demonstrate affection and caring towards you. If the biting does not come with hissing or hard scratching, then it’s probably just a way that your cat has of saying “I love you”. You’ll notice it because the biting usually tends to be softer and gentle.

Kitten biting nose

Seeking for attention

Another reason which may explain why cats feel so prompt to go towards their humans’ noses is that they are trying to get attention. By biting your nose, your cat may be trying to tell you “hey, here I am!”. Some cats will claim attention by making sounds or jumping around, but many others choose to bite noses. An example of a situation when this might happen is if you were petting your cat and you suddenly stopped. If your feline bites your nose right after this, it’s probably the way it has to tell you to keep petting it.



As you can see from what we have explained so far, the habit of biting noses is not usually something to worry about! Nevertheless, at times this habit might be a sign of something that can be problematic. It can happen that the reason which explains why your cat bites your nose is that it’s due to overstimulation.

Cats are exposed to lots of stimuli every day, and at times this can be a little bit overwhelming for them. When this happens, biting your nose is a way of telling you that they are feeling uncomfortable due to an excess of stimulation.

If you find that your cat usually bites your nose and you think this can be associated with overstimulation, it’s a good idea to have many toys at hand for it, and to be sure that your cat has a space and moments to be alone and in a quiet environment.


It’s a way of grooming you

Just as you might probably groom your cat, your cat also has its ways of grooming you! In this sense, the nose biting can be associated with the fact that your cat is trying to keep you clean. Cats are animals that spend a lot of time grooming and licking themselves and also other fellow felines.

This is the reason why they don’t need to be bathed as much as other animals as dogs may need. And your cat wants you to be clean as well! This is why they may bite your nose as a way of grooming you and making sure you are clean and tidy, just like they do with themselves and with other cats.

Kitten biting hand

Expressing anger and discomfort

On occasions, it’s possible that the nose biting is a way that your cat has of expressing its anger and discomfort towards a particular situation. This is especially the case if the biting comes together with hissing or scratching, and if the biting is hard and intense. You’ll notice that the way in which your cat bites your nose can tell a lot about the reasons why it does this, so it’s important that you pay attention to the context, the situation and the way in which the biting occurs.

It’s likely that your cat will give you several warnings prior to biting your nose to demonstrate its anger, such as growling, hissing or throwing their ears back. If any of this happens, it’s essential that you get your cat away from the situation that triggered the anger and discomfort, and give it treats or toys to try to distract it and calm it down.

To sum up, as you can see there are many different reasons which might explain why your cat bites your nose. Even though you’ll find that this behaviour is mostly something that you shouldn’t worry about, there are certain times when it’s important to keep an eye on it.  Depending on the context, the situation and how the biting is, you can find out a lot about what’s going on with your cat, and understand when to be alert towards this habit. All in all, the nose biting is a way that your cat has to communicate and share with you!

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