The Ural Rex: everythign about this sweet and gentle cat

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The Ural Rex is a sweet lap cat who loves to cuddle with you. This Russian cat breed is very affectionate and loves to be with you. Where cats often have the reputation of being independent, the Ural Rex is an exception to this rule. They like to be in your company. Not only their inner self is striking, but also their appearance is striking. The Ural Rex is one of the few cat breeds with a curly coat. How that exactly came into being, and more, we tell you below. After reading this article you will know everything you need to know about the Ural Rex.


The origin: From Russia with Love

The name of the Ural Rex is a good indication of where this breed originates from. This Rex variety originates from the Ural region. Specifically, this is a mountain range that is often seen as the division between the European part of Russia and the Asian part of Russia. Many even characterize it as the separation between Europe and Asia. The size of this mountain range is considerable, as it runs from north to south. This area is known not only for its picturesque mountain peaks, but also for the many species of flora and fauna that can be found here.

This is therefore a place where special species can arise. The Ural Rex as we know it now originates from the main stable of the Ural: Yekaterinburg. Since the 20’s these Rex cats were spotted in this area. They mainly lived in the wild and at that time no attempts were made to breed with this breed. This changed when the Russian domestic cat Mura had three kittens in 1988, two of which had a curly coat. The male, Vasilij, is the progenitor of all Ural Rex cats of today. Ural Rex cats are still often paired with Russian domestic cats. Attempts to cross the Ural Rex with other Rex varieties did not result in cats with a curly coat. The Ural Rex is recognized by the WCF as a cat breed.


The character: sweet and affectionate

In everything the Ural Rex is incredibly sweet. They love to be with you, and they don’t mind being cuddled and petted by you a lot. The more, the better. The Ural Rex is a typical lap cat. In addition, this cat breed can be typified as gentle and affectionate. Where many cat breeds are more independent, this is not the case with the Ural Rex. They like to be with their owner.

That is not to say that they do not like to be active. On the contrary, they like to play with the boss. By nature, they are very playful. In addition, their intelligence should not be underestimated. It depends per cat which combination comes up more, the soft and affectionate side or the more playful side. Often there is a combination of both. That is exactly what makes the Ural Rex so much fun.


Infographic Ural Rex

Appearance: many variants

The beauty of the Ural Rex is that there are several variants to be found. Ural Rex cats are generally average in size, but there are also some smaller varieties available. Also, the length of the hair can vary a lot. There are so many short-haired and long-haired Ural Rex cats. More striking is the fact that the coat of this cat breed is curly. This does not occur very often in cats and is mainly limited to the various Rex breeds that exist at the moment.

The curly coat immediately catches the eye, but overall, the appearance of the Ural Rex looks good. The head of this cat is wedge shaped. The muzzle has a nice definition, partly thanks to the distinction cheekbones. The eyes do not have a fixed colour. They have an oval shape, and they stand wide apart. The ears can be medium to large and they stand upright. The Ural Rex is an elegant cat. They are not very muscular, but that doesn’t mean that this breed doesn’t like to move. Below we will tell you more about the special coat of this cat breed.


The coat colour and coat patterns of the Ural Rex

It has been mentioned many times, but the curly coat is the most striking feature of the Ural Rex. Whether the coat has short hair, long hair or something in between, the coat covers the entire body. The curls are nicely separated from each other. In addition, there is a double coat, including undercoat and outer coat. Considering where this cat breed comes from, this is not surprising. The Oerol area is large, but especially in winter it will be quite cold everywhere. In the southern part it can still get quite warm in the summer, but in the northern part you will not find tropical temperatures. An undercoat is therefore a necessity for a cat from this region.

With the Ural Rex cats many coat types are allowed. Exceptions to this rule are Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lila, Fawn and their corresponding dilutions. In addition, a Ticking, a Tabby or a Burmese pattern is not allowed. The following basic colours are therefore possible:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Seal: a black basic colour with a light body.
  • Blue: through a dilution gene, the black colour becomes lighter and tends towards blue.
  • Cream: a diluted variant of red.

Points are also permitted. With Points we mean the so-called points on the body of a cat: ears, muzzle, paws and tail. All coat colours and patterns are also allowed, except for the above-mentioned exceptions. Because of this there are many unique Ural Rex variants. This way you will always find a cat that fits your wishes and preferences.


The uprbringing: socialisation and a lot of love

The Ural Rex is very focused on his or her boss. You don’t have to be very active with them like you would be with a Turkish Van. Nevertheless, paying attention to your cat is only good. This makes them even more attached to you. With you they will feel completely safe and secure. An upbringing with a lot of love does wonders for this cat breed.

Of course, the socialisation of your cat should not be forgotten. This is an important process, but at the same time it is not entirely in your own hands. The breeder should take care of this, as most cats can only be taken home after 12 weeks. These first few weeks are essential for a well-socialised cat. That is why it is good that they can spend this time mainly with their mother and any siblings. Also, at home you continue to socialise. In this way your cat will learn to get on well with other people and a cat will quickly get used to the sounds in your street. A cat also needs to be able to cope with your touch. This is essential if, for example, you want to cut a cat’s nails or if you need to look at their teeth. Such tasks are up to you as the owner and educator.

Above we already mentioned the importance of a lot of love for your cat. The Ural Rex loves cuddles, and they love to be with you. You are important to them. By nature, this cat breed is quiet, but that doesn’t mean they never want to play. Exercise is an important part of their upbringing. Not only is it good for their physical condition, but it also results in an overall happier cat. Moreover, the cat knows how to amuse itself in this way, even when you are not there for a while. Although this cat breed is not known for it, the Ural Rex is incredibly clever. They find brain games very fun and challenging. Because Ural Rexes are always crossed with Russian domestic cats / farm cats, one can be more temperamental and agile than the other.

Ural Rex kitten sitting on bed

The care of the Ural Rex

During the first two years of a Ural Rex’s life, you will most often have to comb your cat. During this period there will be several coat changes. Regular combing will keep this cat’s coat in better condition. Because of the coat changes there can be a lot of loose grey hairs present. If you do not brush your cat often enough, these loose hairs can reduce the quality of the coat. Therefore, brush your cat more often than average during the first two years of his or her life. After the first two (maximum three) years the grooming is average. Brushing or combing once a week will be sufficient. It is also advisable to update your cat’s nails once a month. Finally, it is advisable to have your Ural Rex checked by your vet at least once a year. This way you’ll always know how your cat’s health is.


The food the Ural Rex needs

Each cat breed benefits from a diet that is fully adapted to the needs of the cat. So does a Ural Rex. Cats are carnivores and therefore need food with a lot of protein. It is best to choose wet food. Ural Rex cats do not make much use of their water bowl. Thanks to the wet food they still get enough fluid. A well-known brand of high quality is Royal Canin. If you want more information about the best food for this breed, they have a handy food guide on their site.


Diseases that are common with the Ural Rex

The Ural Rex is one of today’s healthier cat breeds. As far as we know, this cat breed does not suffer from hereditary diseases. Although Ural Rex cats are often crossed with Russian domestic cats, it has not caused any hereditary diseases so far. In addition, this breed is known to be less susceptible to diseases that can affect other cat breeds.

Ural Rex

How old can the Ural Rex get?

On average you should think of an age between 15 and 20 years. The Ural Rex is a relatively healthy breed. Because of this they can get quite old. If you are lucky, it is quite possible that your Ural Rex cat will become older than 20 years. Of course, this also depends on your care and the food you give the animal. The amount of exercise also has an influence on the health of your cat. However, due to the lack of hereditary diseases and a low susceptibility to other diseases, a Ural Rex can get quite old.


What you need to know before you take in the Ural Rex

The Ural Rex is a relatively easy cat to groom. His personality is sweet and affectionate. This breed also needs less attention, especially compared to some other cat breeds. They are playful, but they don’t always want to play. This makes these cats suitable for various family compositions. Single people, couples or families with children: the Ural Rex fits everywhere. They quickly attach themselves to people and they love to cuddle with everyone in the family.

However, we always advise you to do your research well before making a final purchase. For a Ural Rex you will often have to work with a foreign breeder. This makes it more difficult to go and have a look at the litter. Therefore, always check if the breeder is a member of a breed association and how much is known about the bloodline of the cat you are looking for. Also check the condition of the kittens when you are going to pick them up. Always ask about the degree of socialisation, worming and if they have received all their vaccinations. This way you can be sure you will buy a healthy and happy Ural Rex cat.


Ural Rex kitten standing

What price do you have to think of?

For a Ural Rex you pay around $1200. The Ural Rex is a pricey cat. This is partly because this cat is rare. Most breeders of this cat breed can be found in Russia. There are also a number of Ural Rex breeders in Germany. In terms of costs, you have to think of a price of at least $1200.


Do you also choose the Ural Rex?

The Ural Rex is an exceptionally sweet cat who loves to cuddle with you. It is also an intelligent cat that loves to play. A versatile cat that is incredibly nice to have as a pet. It is a relatively rare cat, but definitely worth it. Maybe after reading this article you will be interested in this cat breed. It is also possible that you already have a Ural Rex as a pet. We are always curious to hear the stories of our readers about this breed. Leave a comment on this article and tell us more!

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