How much does a siamese cat cost?

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The costs of a Siamese cat differ greatly based on breeder, whether or not it is a purebred, and many other factors. However, generally, the starting costs for Siamese cats start at about $200 and can even lead up to over $2000. Of course, if you are interested in buying a Siamese cat it is good to know what the costs of a Siamese cat can be. In this article we, therefore, discuss the costs of a Siamese cat and what aspects or characteristics you need to pay attention to when discussing prices. So, have you ever asked yourself: how much do Siamese cats’ cost? Please read along!


The costs of an adult Siamese cat in comparison to a kitten

The costs of Siamese cats do differ depending on whether or not it is a kitten or adult. Generally, kittens are more expensive than adult cats. This is because people tend to pay more money for a cat that they can still raise based on their rules. Kittens also have a high ‘cuteness’ factor, which is why people put their money down easier for kittens in comparison to adult Siamese cats.

Sometimes, the costs for an adult Siamese tend to be higher in comparison to Siamese kittens. The reason for this is that Siamese adult cats can have a pedigree, which is perfect to breed with, or they already have won championships. If this is the case, adult Siamese cats can cost more than kittens. Prices of championship Siamese cats or Siamese cats that have a perfect pedigree to breed with can go up to $2500.

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What makes a Siamese cat more expensive than other cats?

The fact that Siamese cats are more expansive than other cats, has to do with the unique characteristics of the cat. Not only does the cat look different than most cats, but they also generally need more care than other cats. In example, Siamese cats often have to have specific food according to their diet. Breeders and shelters include these costs into the price of the cat you want to buy. A third reason for Siamese cats being more expansive than other cats, is also caused due to Siamese cats being unique.

They are not that often found in households, and are therefore higher in expense as the offer is limited. Lastly, the character and care of a Siamese cat also need to be considered in terms of costs. As Siamese cats can be rather active, we advice you to invest in toys and such. The fur of Siamese cats can also influence the costs of a cat. Due to their fluffy fur, regular grooming is required. You can either do this yourself with a professional tool, or let your cat be groomed by a professional groomer.

Please note that other costs, like a bed, litter, a litterbox, insurance and annual medication, also apply to a Siamese cat. However, these costs also apply to other cats, and are not specific to Siamese cats. The estimate of these costs is about $1000 and should therefore also be considered when calculating the costs of a Siamese cat, or any other cat.

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Characteristics of a Siamese cat that influence the costs of a Siamese cat

There are various characteristics of a Siamese cat that can influence the costs of a Siamese cat. Below we highlight all the various aspects that can have an effect on the costs of a Siamese cat.

  • Breeder vs. shelter. The price of a Siamese cat depends on whether or not you are buying your cat through a breeder or shelter. Generally, if cats are bought at a breeder, they cost more. This has to do with the fact that breeders have to meet certain standards for both the cats they breed with, as well as their kittens. When a Siamese cat is bought through a shelter, the new owner often only has to pay a small adoption fee. The reason for this is that cats from a shelter are left behind by their owners and are therefore cared for by the shelter. The adoption fee covers some of the expenses made, like food or medical care.
  • If you are buying your Siamese cat or kitten at a breeder, the color of the cat can affect the price. There are four colors of Siamese cats that are certified and tend to up the costs. These Siamese cats are typified as seal point, blue point, chocolate point or lilac point. A seal point Siamese cat is mostly beige, except for its snout and paws which are (dark) brown. For a blue point Siamese cat, the body is white, whereas the paws, snout and ears are grey/blueish. Often, these cats also have blue eyes. As the name of a chocolate point Siamese cat suggests, this Siamese cat has dark brown paws, as well as a dark brown face and tail. The rest of its body is beige or white. Lastly, there also is a lilac point Siamese cat. With this type, the body of the cast is mostly white, whereas its face, paws and tail are grey/purple. Often, the lilac point Siamese cat also has blue eyes. If a Siamese cat does not have any of these four color schemes, they tend to cost less.
  • When a Siamese cat has competed in certain championships and even won some prices, the costs for a cat will most likely increase. An owner can in turn, win money with competing in particular championships with their Siamese cat. Therefore, the prices of a Siamese cats are higher when they have competed or perhaps even won particular championships.
  • Pedigree or not? Some cats do come with a pedigree and some not, for example when they are rescued or come from a shelter. As a pedigree shows the family history of a Siamese cat, it can influence the price. Specifically, if there are famous cats or cats that have won championships that arise in the pedigree. The breeder can then use this information to show why this particular cat is special, and why the costs might be higher for this cat.
  • Purebred or not. As with any cat, purebred cats do tend to cost more than crossbred cats. As with most cats, purebred cats tend to be rarer, which is also why they generally have a higher price. Crossbred Siamese cats are more common, which is why they often get sold for a lower price in contrast to purebred Siamese cats.
  • Health concerns that might be at play. The costs of a Siamese cat can also be higher if there are health concerns at play. If you need to schedule (regular) appointments with the veterinarian to provide your Siamese cat with medical care, costs can become high.

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How much does a Siamese cat cost?

Generally, the price of a Siamese cat starts at about $200, however can move up to $2500 or more. The costs and price depend firstly upon whether you are buying an adult cat or a kitten. Often, Siamese kittens are more expensive than adult Siamese cats. As Siamese cats are often considered to be unique, the offer is generally limited.

This also contributes to the higher costs of a Siamese cat. Another reason for Siamese cats to be higher in costs is caused by their character and care. As Siamese cats can be very active, it is recommended to invest in toys. Their fur also needs some care, which is why grooming sessions are recommended. Other characteristics of Siamese cats that contribute to the costs are:

  1. Whether you buy your Siamese cat at a breeder or shelter.
  2. The color of your Siamese cat.
  3. Whether your Siamese cat has experience or has even won championships.
  4. The pedigree of your cat.
  5. Whether you buy a purebred Siamese cat, or rather a crossbred Siamese.
  6. Health concerns of your cat.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the costs of Siamese cats, we are very curious to hear more about your experiences with Siamese cats. Are there any other factors that contribute to the costs of a Siamese cat? And, for Siamese cat owners: what were the costs of your cat? Please let us know in the comments below. This way we can help each other out and be as informed as possible!

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