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Cat litter

When you have one or more cats in the house, they obviously need a litter box. Often you see that the litter box is filled with the standard cat litter, but not everyone likes this, because it often leaves a nasty smell when your cat has done its needs. Besides that, your cat doesn’t always like this way of filling the litter box, so it chooses to do its needs somewhere else than where it belongs.

Right, the litter box! There are several alternatives to using cat litter and we are happy to share them with you. Prevent unpleasant odors in your home by reading on. Do you already suffer from these odors? Then after reading this article, you’ll know how to say goodbye to them once and for all!


Cat litter

Cat litter is the most common form of litter, as it has been used by many cat owners for several years. You may have bought it for your cat as well. It may be that you or your cat are not very satisfied with it. There are several reasons for this. If you have the litter box in your house, it is not so appetizing if your whole house smells like the litter box.

Has it ever happened that visitors couldn’t hold back and made a remark about the smell? Exactly, this is what you want to change as soon as possible. It could also be that you have never used cat litter before but are not satisfied with other ways of littering. As you can see, you can always try out new things, it’s never too late for that.


Wood granules

An ideal solution is the use of wood granules. These wood granules can be bought ready to use and are especially made to fill the litter box. The ideal thing about these granules is that they can absorb more weight than the standard cat litter. But what can you imagine with this? The wood granules can attract more moisture, like the urine of your cat. Therefore, you will get less lumps in the litter box and even less bad smells.

The wood granules will last longer because of this! It is also a good choice if you care about the environment, because wood granules are more environmentally friendly than cat litter. This is because these wood granules are biodegradable.


Mineral balls

If you are very keen on hygiene – which everyone should be – then using mineral balls is a very good alternative to cat litter. These are specially designed to fill your litter box and are therefore not harmful to your cat. These pellets can contribute enormously to hygiene because they can absorb a lot of moisture and therefore the environment of the litter box would not easily become smelly. This is not the only reason why this product contributes so well to the hygiene; they also ensure that:

  • The cat litter does not clump together
  • The bacteria are inhibited
  • The moisture is absorbed well
  • Odors are bound in seconds

Many people are very enthusiastic about this product, but that does not apply to everyone. You can always try it; therefore, does it not work well? Then you can always try the other options.

Kitten in litterbox

Cat litter with various grain sizes

Various grain sizes? You may have never thought of that before. We understand that this does not yet provide much clarity and therefore we would like to explain it to you. You can order cat litter with different grain sizes and that can be very handy. The different sizes each have a different effect when you put them together. The largest ensure that most moisture of the urine and feces is absorbed, and this way odors are absorbed from the litter box. The medium sized pellets, cause the cat litter to clump.

Why is that so handy? This allows you to easily remove the urine and feces of your cat, making your litter box clean again within minutes. Just for a while, because you can’t let the same cat litter sit there for a very long time. It will also get emptier when you remove the cat litter with the urine and feces. But the smallest grains contribute to this, because they ensure that your litter box stays filled if possible and you do not have to fill it again after one day.


Cat litter with natural clay and activated carbon

A cat litter has been introduced to the market that is made of natural clay and activated carbon. But what advantages can this have in replacing standard cat litter? This form of cat litter is very moisture absorbent. The moisture is pulled out of the feces. This makes the litter less smelly and allows you to use it longer. Of course, it is very refreshing when you don’t have any unpleasant odors in your home and because of this your cat can do his business in peace.


Scatter litter pellets in the litter box

Another very good alternative is litter pellets. These granules can be used as cat litter because this is what they are made for. It is not that you must buy straw and fill your litter box with it. The straw pellets that you can buy as cat litter are made of wheat straw. It is very easy to use, and you and your cat will love it. Your cat because he can do his business in it and you because you don’t have any unpleasant odors.

The straw pellets contain an ammonia binder that stops the smell of urine. There is nothing as distasteful as that unpleasant urine smell that passes under your nose again. And not only that, sometimes your cats will also smell of that dirty litter box and you definitely want to prevent that. The straw granules offer many advantages, it is also easy to keep clean. Because of this you do not have to fill the litter box every day, but the filling will last a long time.


Cat litter made of paper

Yes, you read it correctly, you can buy cat litter made of paper. The great thing about this is that it is made from almost 100% recycled paper, it consists for 99% of recycled paper. In this way this cat litter contributes to the environment, and you can do the same by taking this ideal alternative into your home.

Cat litter made of paper, is that a good alternative? Yes, it is! This type of cat litter is free of chemicals and additives. Therefore, it cannot be harmful to your cat in any way. In addition, it is a cat litter that is highly absorbent and contains a natural odor regulator. As a result, you will not be bothered by any unpleasant odors in your home. The material is made of water, air and paper and is therefore completely safe for your cat and the environment. In this way, your cat can do his business in peace and quiet, as we ourselves like to do.


Make the litter yourself

If you (temporarily) do not have a large budget to provide the litter box with a good working cat litter, you also have the option of making your own cat litter. This is not an alternative that you want to use for a long time, because of course you want to ensure the best hygiene for your four-legged friend and in your home. However, for a short period of time, this is an excellent solution.

So how can you make your own cat litter? That is quite simple. If you have some old newspapers in the house, it’s best to just soak them in lukewarm water with some soap. This will clean the newspapers and get rid of the ink and dirt between them. You can remove the newspapers from the water again when the water has turned a good gray. Next, put the newspapers in fresh water and sprinkle in baking soda. You can then start kneading it and finally let it dry. In this easy way you can fill the litter box for a while and your cat can do his needs.


Keep up with the cleaning of the litter box

It is always important to maintain hygiene, both for yourself and for your cat. It is therefore advisable to keep the litter box clean and therefore to remove the urine and feces as soon as possible. This does not only keep your house fresh, but also ensures that the litter lasts longer and prevents unpleasant odors. This means you don’t have to refill your litter box daily. These alternatives are made so that you can easily remove your cat’s urine and feces without losing too much cat litter. This, of course, is advantageous. We hope there is a good alternative for you!

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