The Sokoke: a rare and special breed

Sokoke van dichtbij

The Sokoke is considered one of the rarest breeds in the world. He has a unique coat pattern. This cat is very rare, this makes it very difficult to get one. This breed is quite active in nature and does like attention. As the breed is still relatively new, this ensures that there is not a lot of information about the hereditary diseases and other things. Would you like to know more about this unique breed? Then read on quickly.


The origin: from Kenya

 The origin of this unique breed lies in Kenya. It was found here in a forest called the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. Nowadays this breed is almost no longer found in the wild. The breed was discovered in 1970 by a Brit who had adopted two kittens and started breeding them.

When the breed was discovered, everyone was impressed by its unique coat. This ensured that the breed was soon transferred to other continents such as Europe and America. Because of this the interest in this breed grew even more. The breed was recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2004. In 2015 the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) followed.


The character of the Sokoke: playful

 The Sokoke is known for its playfulness. He loves to play games with his owners and loves attention. He is very good at communicating with his voice and shows what he wants and doesn’t want. The Sokoke is seen as reasonably active, but also has a quiet side. They adapt quickly and don’t mind being put in a new environment, compared to other breeds. Often they adapt within a few days.

The Sokoke is not afraid of strangers and likes to get to know them. They are also often very attached to their owner and prefer to spend every minute of the day together with him. The Sokoke gets along well with children and pets, which makes him the ideal breed to place in a family.

A striking feature of his character is his intelligence. The Sokoke is seen as one of the most intelligent cats in the world. Learning tricks and other things goes pretty fast. So he is very special, both internally and externally.


The appearance of the Sokoke: a striking coat pattern

 The Sokoke has a number of striking external features. If we look at his eyes we notice that they are outlined by a black border. This ensures that his eyes really stand out and stand out. The contrast with his eye colour can be great. His ears are large and stand up straight. What is also striking is that his skull is almost flat at the top, next to that he has a black piece of fur which marks his throat, this is also very conspicuous and gives a nice contrast to his head. The legs of the Sokoke are long and slender, just like his start.

The most striking thing about the Sokoke is its coat pattern. This is very unique and makes it very rare. His coat consists of a tabby pattern. A tabby pattern is more common, but what makes this cat unique is that this pattern, the tabby pattern, is softer and has no fixed markings. This is caused by a thickening in the coat. The coat is short and close to the body. The Sokoke has little or no undercoat.


The upbringing: socialisation is important

 The Sokoke is a strong and healthy breed, this means it does not need any special education. However, the general rules of upbringing apply when it comes to raising kittens and cats. This education starts as soon as the kitten is born. The first weeks of his life are called the socialisation period. On average this period lasts about 14 weeks. It is advisable not to take a kitten away from its mother until after these fourteen weeks.

During the socialisation period the kitten learns how to deal with peers and other animals, but also humans. It is important that he has sufficient contact with his mother during this period. In addition, it is important that he already learns small things about his upbringing and care. You can think of eating out of a bowl, but also taking care of his teeth. It is crucial that the socialisation period goes well. During this period the kitten forms his beliefs and images of the world. If these images are not good and if he doesn’t get enough attention from his mother, he won’t be able to cope well with new situations later in life. This causes him to become anxious. This in turn creates stress and can cause various health problems. So make sure this happens in the right way. Therefore only buy a Sokoke from a licensed breeder. Unfortunately this can be difficult because they are so rare.

When the kitten is taken away from its mother, the second part of its upbringing begins. During this part it is important to teach the cat routine. Teach him when he is going to sleep, eat, play and be cared for. The sooner you teach this to your Sokoke, the better. A Sokoke loves routine, just like all cats. This gives him structure and calm. This way he knows what to expect.

So feed him at set times and ensure a strict diet. Limit snacking. Make sure he goes to his resting place at set times. Take care of him at set times. During his upbringing, it is also important to teach other family members how to deal with the cat. This is especially important with small children. Small children can react unexpectedly and this can have a bad effect on the Sokoke, causing him to develop anxiety. So be prepared before you bring a Sokoke into your home.


Taking care of your cat: simple

 Taking care of the Sokoke is very easy. His coat needs to be groomed on a weekly basis. He has a short thin coat, this reduces the chance of hairballs and tangles. Combing and brushing carefully once a week is enough to keep his coat in good condition.

In addition to taking care of his coat, there are a number of other things that are important, such as the nails, ears, eyes and teeth. His nails should be cared for when they are too sharp. This depends on how much he uses his scratching post, but also other things. It is wise to just keep an eye on this. After a while you will know how often this is needed. Then make it a routine. Cats need a routine.

His ears need to be cleaned at least once a week, otherwise inflammations can occur that are very annoying. Here too, make sure you have a fixed cleaning day to create the routine. The eyes of the Sokoke can sometimes get dirty. It is then advisable to clean them carefully. This is not very common, but may be necessary. Pay attention to his eyes. If you see that they are not completely clean, remove the dirt immediately.

One of the more important things when it comes to taking care of the Sokoke is his teeth. Tooth problems and dental problems are common in cats. Most of these problems can be prevented when his teeth are cleaned daily. This sounds often, but it is often necessary. Make sure you clean his teeth at a fixed time every day. This way your Sokoke will get used to his routine and the chance of forgetting it yourself will be small.


The food your cat needs

 When it comes to nutrition, it is important to determine how active your cat is. You can do this by looking at the number of calories he needs to stay on weight and hardly gain any weight at all. This number of calories can be determined by his weight, activity and age. It is best to determine this in the beginning with the breeder or a doctor. Then it is important to keep track of whether he is gaining or losing weight. This is quite easy with the Sokoke, as he doesn’t have a thick coat. Do you notice that he arrives quickly? Then make the portions smaller. Make sure you limit your snacking and maintain a strict diet.

The food you eat in a Sokoke should consist of meat and fish. Animal proteins and fats are the most important for his health. Go for a combination of dry and wet, this is often the best option. Make sure the food is complete, this means that all vitamins, minerals and amino acids are present in the meal. This can often be read on the back of the pack.

The vitamins that are most important are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K

In any case, make sure that this is all in there. In addition, make sure that all the essential amino acids are present. This means that all amino acids are present, including the amino acids a cat needs most, such as taurine.

Sokoke op een boerderij

Diseases that are common with this cat

The Sokoke is known as a healthy and strong breed. This also means that there are no known breed-specific diseases and illnesses yet. Nevertheless, it is wise to visit the vet regularly. Also pay attention to unusual behaviour. If you notice that the behaviour of your Sokoke suddenly changes then it is possible that he has some problems with his health.

Health problems and illness can be prevented by a good socialisation period, good nutrition, a fixed routine, a lot of attention and enough sleep. Make sure that the care is optimal, this can cause your Sokoke a lot of misery and also ensures that you don’t have to go to the vet often with a sick cat.

One point to keep an eye on is overweight, which is a common problem in cats. Therefore pay attention to his body and adjust his diet if he is overweight. To make sure that your Sokoke feels good in his skin it is advisable to buy a number of things and make sure he has enough to do. That’s why buying a scratching post is a must, this is not only good for his nails but also for his mental health.


How old can the Sokoke get?

 The Sokoke becomes between 10 and 15 years old. How old your cat actually gets is largely up to you. It depends on how you raise and care for your cat. The less time you spend caring for your Sokoke, the less old your cat generally gets. If you provide enough attention and enough personal care, chances are you can enjoy this beautiful and rare breed for at least 10, but often longer.


What you need to know before you bring this cat into the house

 The Sokoke is an extremely rare breed which is very rare. Few breeders are known. It is therefore difficult to get this breed. The best way to do this is by going to and contacting them. This is an organisation in England that is involved in breeding bred cats, they know more about the Sokoke and may be able to put you in contact with a licensed breeder.


What price do you have to think of if you want to buy a Sokoke?

 The cost of a Sokoke is between $950 and $2400. This depends very much on the breeder you buy this cat from and also has to do with his rarity. Do some research and make sure that when you buy this cat you choose a licensed breeder.

In addition to the purchase costs, it is also wise to take into account his care costs, such as vaccinations, doctor’s appointments, food, toys and other veterinary costs. It is also wise to take out an insurance because this is such a rare breed. So the monthly costs can be quite high. It is therefore wise to ask yourself in advance whether you have enough money to maintain this breed.


Do you also choose the Sokoke?

 The Sokoke is a rare breed. Besides that he is very beautiful and very popular. We are curious to your experiences with this breed. What do you think of this cat? Do you already have a Sokoke and do you have tips for our readers about where to find a good breeder? Let us know your reaction under this article, we are very curious about your experiences with this unique and rare breed.

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