The Pixie-Bob: a social and muscular cat

Pixie Bob standing on a cupboard

The Pixie-Bob is a cat known for its bright appearance and a little temperament. The Pixie-Bob comes in two different types, either with short hair or long hair. A Pixie-Bob is similar to a normal Bobcat and is usually found in North America. Although this cat especially likes to play with other Bobcats, it often binds very well to people. This breed is quite new, because it only exists since 1985. Since then, this cat has been a warm part of many households. You can read why this cat is a popular part of many households in this text.


The history of the Pixie-Bob

There are many different stories about the origin of this breed. The most common is the story about the Pixie-Bob and the American Bobcat. It is said that this cat originates from this breed. After some DNA-tests no evidence has been found to confirm this story, so this story is not supported by hard evidence yet.

A story that also goes around and could contain a little more truth is the story of Carol Ann Brewer, who lives in Washington. In 1985 Carol founded a foundation known for a classic, striped cat. What is most striking about these cats is the fact that they have a very short tail. This is also one of the most important characteristics of this species. She called this cat the Pixie.

The original Pixie was a big cat that looked very much like a Lynx. They wanted to confirm these characteristics in a separate breed. Together with some other breeders they started breeding the Pixie. The breeding was done by very serious and dedicated breeders. About ten years later this breed was finally recognized by the TICA and the Pixie-Bob was born.


The character of the Pixie-Bob: loving and loyal, but also active and playful

The Pixie-Bob often looks quite wild. This is almost the opposite of what it really is. The Pixie-Bob is very loving and very loyal. There can be some differences in behaviour, this mainly depends on the different species of the cat that have arisen during the breeding process. In general you can say that the Pixie-Bob is a social and intelligent cat that is very curious and playful. A warm addition to your household.

This cat is as mentioned a real family cat. The only answer to the question if this cat is suitable for your household is a definite yes. Because despite the fact that it is an active cat and likes to play outside, it also likes to play and relax in a warm room. He likes to play with children. In addition, this species is also quite tolerant towards other pets, which can be a big advantage when you look at other cats. Taking in several breeds? It certainly can, because the Pixie-Bob is a real domestic cat that gets along well with other cats. If you are looking for an active, playful but also loving and loyal cat, a Pixie-Bob might be the right choice for you.

Infographic Pixie-Bob

Appearance: a Lynx lookalike

The Pixie-Bob has characteristics similar to a lynx. This means the following:

  • A thick and spotted coat
  • A heavy eyebrow
  • Sideburns on the cup

The tail of this cat can be found in different lengths. They are also very bushy. This cat is generally known as a real athletic cat. This means that the cat is also very active, in and around the house. If you are planning to buy this cat, make sure there is enough room for it to play. This is important for any cat, but especially for cats that are very active, such as this Pixie-Bob.

A Pixie-Bob is also known for the fact that it usually has some extra toes. In general cats have five toes on their front legs and four toes on their hind legs. Pixie-Bobs often have some extra toes, this is perfectly normal for this species. It is caused by a genetic mutation, better known as polydactyly. This can cause a Pixie-Bob to have as many as seven toes on a single leg. So don’t get scared if you notice that your cat has more toes than any other species, it is perfectly normal and a unique characteristic of this cat.

A Pixie-Bob is a fairly large species. They can weigh between 3.5 and 7 kilos, but sometimes even more! Some even weigh more than 12 kilos, which is quite a lot. If you have small children in the house, a Pixie-Bob might not be the best idea, because it is often simply too big for your small children to play with. So keep that in mind when you want to buy a Pixie-Bob at home.


The coat of the Pixie-Bob

The Pixie-Bob has a double coat of which the coating can be short or half-long. The coat of a Pixie-Bob is known for being very water resistant. The coat is also very strong. The main reason for this is that the coat is very woolly. Because of this it is very important to take care of the coat regularly. If this is not done properly the coat can become tangly, which can be harmful to the health of the coat. In addition, the cat doesn’t feel well either. If you are looking for a cat that doesn’t need a lot of grooming, this is not the right type for you. You need to spend some time and attention on his coat to make sure he stays healthy and happy.

The coat of the Pixie-Bob has pointed stripes. That is why they also call him the Spotted Tabby. The fur comes in different colours. The most important ones are:

  • Yellow-brown
  • Light grey
  • Brown red

Although these are the most important, it can happen that your Pixie-Bob looks completely different. This depends on the breeder.

Pixie Bob lying down outside on the rocks

Taking care of your Pixie-Bob: make sure you do it the right way

When it comes to caring for your cat, it’s important to know that socialisation is crucial. A cat needs to learn how to connect with people during its early stages of life. This has to be done properly. Because of the socialisation and because this species is quite rare, it can be very difficult to buy a well-behaved Pixie-Bob.

In general, you should wait to buy a Pixie-Bob until it is at least 16 weeks old. When a cat is 16 weeks old, he has enough contact with his mother to be raised well. Then it’s time to explore the world on his own.

When you buy your Pixie-Bob, make sure you start a routine as soon as possible. This routine should consist of feeding, grooming his coat, taking care of his teeth and taking care of his nails. If you do this when the cat is young, it will be a lot easier to create the habit and make sure your cat adapts to the normal things in the house. Also think about grooming; if you wait too long it can become very difficult to cut the Pixie-Bob’s nails. This can sometimes be necessary.

The Pixie-Bob also wants to pay attention to his own coat. If your Pixie-Bob does that, you won’t have to take care of his coat that often because the cat likes to do it himself. However, it is important to give this cat enough food and water. The Pixie-Bob is quite active, which means it burns a lot of calories. You want to make sure that the cat gets enough calories and nutrients to stay healthy and active. If you notice that your cat is thinning out, you may want to increase the portion size. Also make sure your Pixie-Bob has access to fresh water. If you do these two things, your Pixie-Bob will be a very happy and active cat that you, your partner and/or your family can really enjoy.


The food your Pixie-Bob needs

The nice thing about the Pixie-Bob is that it is generally very healthy. This means that they are not really susceptible to diseases. Of course, it is still important to take care of his health. You do this by buying good food. Try to avoid corn or other grains. A cat cannot digest this properly. Some cats can even be allergic, this can also be the case for your Pixie-Bob.

Focus mainly on animal proteins, so do not buy meat by-products. Provide food with a real source of animal protein. You can choose between wet and dry food. Usually, a combination of both is the best option, but sometimes a Pixie-Bob prefers wet food to dry food, or vice versa.

When buying these foods, make sure that the nutrients are complete. This means that it contains all the important vitamins and minerals. Also make sure that the food contains taurine. Taurine is essential for a cat’s health. It helps with normal heart function. When a cat is deficient in taurine, it can die. So look at the list of ingredients, make sure it contains taurine and that the food you buy is a complete source of protein. Pay attention to the label and it will help.

Two Pixie Bob kittens

The behaviour of the Pixie-Bob

People often say that this cat has the behaviour of a dog. Pixie-Bobs are cats that can become very attached to humans. They really like to be cuddled, so if you plan to buy one, make sure you have enough time to cuddle your cat, he needs it. This species is also very curious and likes to explore. It is important to give him the space to do so. This is important for his growth and well-being. They like to hunt mice and are very good at it. A Pixie-Bob also likes to follow you while you are busy with your daily activities such as cooking. This is completely normal. The cat likes to observe.

One of the characteristics this cat also has is the possibility to walk with a band. It is very easy to teach your cat to walk outside with you, this is basically just like walking a dog. This can be a lot of fun as it is just like having a cat and dog in one. Of course your cat will also like it a lot.


Are there common diseases?

The Pixie-Bob is a healthy species that usually does not suffer from health problems. Did you know that there is also an online database called Pawpeds? This database is used by breeders to record and monitor health information.

The Pixie-Bob, like other cats, is sensitive to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). This is a problem with the heart muscles. The chance that your Pixie-Bob suffers from this is small, but it is wise to be alert to it. That is why it is wise to check the health of the cat regularly. If you notice that something is wrong, contact a vet to solve the problem as soon as possible or even better, to prevent it.


How old can a Pixie-Bob get?

A Pixie-Bob can live to be about 13 years old. This is quite normal for a cat. There are some outliers, but this is the average.

Usually there will be no major deviations from this figure. Keep in mind that the age depends on the health of your Pixie-Bob. To make sure he is healthy and 13 years of age or older, it is crucial to give him the best nutrition and care possible.

Pixie Bob between in a blossom tree

How much does a Pixie-Bob cost?

A Pixie-Bob usually costs around $1500 dollars, but can become considerably more expensive. There are stories that a Pixie-Bob is sold for $5500 dollars! This is far too much. In general you want to look for prices around $1500 dollars. There may be some differences depending on where you buy the Pixie-Bob.

It is best to buy the Pixie-Bob from a breeder who is a member of a certified organisation. An organisation that is mainly known in the Netherlands is the TICA. That stands for The International Cat Association. If you find a breeder who is affiliated with this organisation, you will generally buy a healthy Pixie-Bob.4


What you need to know before you buy a Pixie-Bob

Some people say that a Pixie-Bob is a hyperactive cat. Although these cats are active, they are not hyperactive. They just love to play and explore. When they want to play they usually make a strange sound that indicates that they are excited to play. They also often jump when they make this sound. This is an example of how playful this cat is and should not be confused with hyperactivity.

You should also know that a Pixie-Bob likes water. They find it very interesting to go to the bathroom with you. It is not uncommon for a Pixie-Bob to go with you during a shower. Some cats just like it a lot. If you notice that your cat often follows you to the bathroom and he really loves water, you can try to let him gently go with you in the shower. You’ll soon find out whether he likes it or not. There is no need to clean your cat, because the Pixie-Bob is a very clean species. He likes to take good care of himself, which is a big advantage over some other cats.


Do you have the Pixie-Bob?

The Pixie-Bob is generally a great cat to introduce to your family and friends. He is active, playful but can sometimes be very quiet. If you are looking for a cat that will give you and your family a lot of fun, then the Pixie-Bob might be the right choice for you! If you have a Pixie-Bob, we would like to hear about your experiences with this cat. Where did you get your cat? Does he have weird habits? Let us know!

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