List of all gray cat breeds in the world!

Grey cat

We can all agree there is just something mesmerizing about gray cats. No matter the pattern or the shade, we all turn our heads when we see a gray beauty pass by.  These gorgeous gray coats are worn by many cat breeds so you will always find a perfect match. Curious to see what cat breeds they are? Continue reading to discover all gray cat breeds.



This cat breed is one of the rarer gray cat breeds. The Nebelung only comes with a fluffy, lush gray coat, with loads of fluff around its neck and a fluffy tail. These gray beauties are known for their calm behavior which can sometimes make them come off as shy cats.

The Nebelung will feel its best and is the happiest in a calm, easy-going family with adults or older children. The Nebelung will make a great companion for seniors as well. It is advised to look for another gray cat when having young children in the family as they can be too busy for the Nebelung.



The Russian Blue

Just like the Nebelung, the Russian blue only comes with a gray coat. The coats are medium length and are very thick. Not surprisingly, the Russian Blue got its name from its gray fur which can sometimes appear gray-blue in the light of sun rays. Besides its beautiful blue-gray coat, the Russian Blue is also known for its striking emerald green eyes. When the Russian Blue gets comfortable with his people, he will show them loads of affection. When it comes to strangers, expect your Russian Blue to keep their distance.

Russian Blue



This cat breed is the second largest domestic cat breed in the world, with number one being the Maine coon, which we will talk about later in this article. The Siberian is known for its beautiful long, thick coat. Siberians originate from Siberia, hence why these gray beauties have developed a thick coat to keep them warm during the winter.

Their coats have no less than three layers which keep this cat warm during cold temperatures. On top of being a handsome cat, Siberians are also very outgoing and social. They will greet everyone in the house, including strangers and will show their friendliness to everyone.

Siberian kitten


Scottish Fold

As their name reveals, these gray cats are known for their little folded ears. This distinct feature in combination with its larger than average eyes makes the Scottish fold absolutely adorable. Their coats are dense and often short. However, the Scottish fold can also wear a long coat. Their appearance makes them highly cuddleable, and luckily for us, your Scottish fold would love that. They are known for being very affectionate and love to show their humans how much they love them.

Scottish Fold



Though this cat doesn’t have any fur, it still belongs on this list of all gray cat breeds. This hairless cat breed’s skin is gray and the breed is known for its often striking green eyes. The Sphynx has a small face with large eyes and ears. Their athletic build makes sure the Sphinx can play with you all day long.

They have high energy levels and are great for an active family. The Sphynx is known for its affectionate personality and for its great sense of humor. Often Sphynx owners describe their cats as dog-like as they will follow their owner everywhere they go.

Sphynx cat



The ancient look of the Persian makes this cat breed interesting and stunning. The coat of the Oriental is short and shimmery. The most popular coat color for the Oriental is white, but they also come in beautiful gray coats. The Oriental is closely related to the Siamese and not surprisingly share the same personality traits.

This cat breed is affectionate, friendly and social. On top of this, they are also very intelligent cats who love to keep their minds busy. The combination of this cat’s affection for humans and its intelligence make the cat breed great for teaching it tricks. This cat thrives in a family that is active and loving. Don’t leave your Oriental home alone as it is prone to separation anxiety and don’t do well by itself.




This cat is loves cuddling with its fluffy, long, thick coat. Their gray coats make the Persian look absolutely gorgeous. If gray is not really your favorite color, then you are in luck. The Persian comes in a variety of colors so you will be guaranteed to find a great match. The Persians is known for its flat snout which makes this cat even more adorable. The personality of this cat is sweet and gentle.

If you are looking for a lap cat, the Persian might be a great match for you. Their coats combined with their personalities makes these cats great cuddle buddies who make for a loyal companion. As you might have guessed, anyone who wears a coat as long and lush as the Persian needs a lot of grooming. But let’s be honest, grooming is a great way to build a strong bond between the two of you.



Norwegian Forest Cat

This beautiful cat wears a long and fluffy coat that comes in many colors, including gray. Gray Norwegian Forest Cats are absolutely stunning and make their bright colored eyes pop. Their lush coats cover their whole bodies, including their ears which makes this cat look all and all fluffy. Despite its fluffiness, many think the Norwegian Forest Cat is aggressive breeds because of its large appearance.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is in the top list of the largest domestic cats, but don’t let the size of this cat breed fool you. Norwegian Forest cats absolutely adore humans. The Norwegian Forest Cat is very affectionate and their talkativeness will guarantee to melt your heart. They make great family cats and love to show their affection to every family member, including other animals. Norwegian Forest Cats are very social and love to play and make friends with other cats and dogs.

Norwegian Forest cat



This gray beauty has its roots in Thailand and remains a rare breed in the United States. The Korat is amongst the oldest cat breeds in the world which explains their ancient appearance. Their snouts are slightly larger and more pointy than other cat breeds and they carry bright green jewels of eyes. The Korat only wears a beautiful shiny gray coat with a silver gloss. The Korat is known for its calm and sweet personality.

They do best in easy-going families with older children and adults. When the Korat has built a bond with its humans, it will show loads of affection through cuddles and occasional playtime. The Korat is a little bit more reserved when it comes to strangers as he needs to fully trust someone before he will show their affection.



Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is one of those cat breeds you’ll never forget once you come across them. They have a very unique appearance and are highly unusual cats. The Devon Rex wears an extremely short curly coat which can come in many colors, including gray. The Devon Rex have pointy faces with large ears and huge round eyes making them adorable.

Some Devon Rex owners describe their cats as fairytale-like cats with adorable personalities. The Devon Rex are social, outgoing cats and often silly personalities. These cats are favorites for many families because of their great behavior around children and their social skills with other animals.

Devon Rex



This cat is the national cat breed of France. The Chartreux only wears a blue-gray coat and has round facial features. With its rounded ears, snout and eyes, the Chartreux looks absolutely adorable. They have thin legs and a heavier body. This build helps the Chartreux to be excellent hunters. Knowing this, it doesn’t come as a surprise this cat breed loves to play. This cat will thrive in an active family with enough play space and playmates. Chartreux is also an affectionate cat and will come to you when he thinks it is time for cuddles.



British Shorthair

The British shorthair might be the most well-known gray cat breed. Many think the British shorthair only comes in gray coats, but they can also wear other coat colors and patterns. The British Shorthair coats are, as the name reveals, short and plush. They have even rounder facial features than the Chartreux and with their chubby cheeks, the British Shorthair is absolutely adorable. The British shorthair is a relaxed cat who loves to play with its owners.

British Shorthair


American Shorthair

Just like the British Shorthair, the American Shorthair is loved by many American families. But unlike the British shorthair, the American Shorthair coats are rather dense and hard. Their coats don’t only come in gray, but also in other colors and patterns.

The American Shorthair has high energy levels and is an athletic cat who loves to play with its people. They are highly independent cats and are perfect for families with older children and adults. It is, however, still possible to keep this cat with younger children if the cat is treated appropriately.

American shorthair


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