The LaPerm Shorthair: a loving breed with a striking coat.

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The LaPerm Shorthair is a breed known for its curly coat that can appear in different colours. It is also known for its friendliness and playfulness. They are very active, gentle and affectionate. Besides his coat, the LaPerm Shorthair can also be recognized by his striking eyes. So, this breed has many advantages, but are there things to take into account when choosing the LaPerm Shorthair? What is the best way to raise this breed? You can read it all in this article.


The origin: its origin lies in America

Just like the LaPerm Langhaar, the origin of this breed lies in America. The breed originated in 1982 on the farm of Linda Koehl. Her cat had a litter of six kittens. One of those kittens didn’t look at all like the other kittens in the litter and had a new striking mutation. He was completely bald at birth and had strange patterns on his skin. What was even more remarkable was that after about six weeks this kitten started to develop a soft, curly coat. Weeks passed and eventually this cat had a wavy coat with lots of curls in certain places. More and more people heard the stories about this cat, more and more kittens came along who also had this mutation. Finally, Linda started a breeding programme and gave the cats the name ‘LaPerm’, which means ‘wavy’.

After years of breeding the LaPerm was recognized as a real breed by the CFA, the GCFF and the TICA. Now the breed is known as a friendly and playful cat and is an ideal family cat.


The character: intelligent and curious

The LaPerm Shorthair is a very curious cat. They are very intelligent and know how to get what they want. They are also very active and like to get attention from their owner and other family members. They may even follow you around the house just because they are interested in what you are going to do. They prefer to stay close to you and have no problem lying to you in front of the television.

The LaPerm Shorthair gets along very well with children and small children. It is important that they are well informed about how to deal with a cat. These cats also get along well with other pets, such as cats and dogs. This makes this breed an ideal family cat. He is sweet, playful and does not hurt a fly.


Infographic Laperm shorthair

The appearance: curly coat and striking eyes

The two most striking external features are the wavy coat and its expressive eyes. The eyes of the LaPerm Shorthair are enormously present and have a powerful appearance. The head of the cat is round shaped. He has a long and broad nose and a strong, present chin. This cat also often has slightly thicker whisker pads and long flexible whiskers. He also has very long sideburns. His body has a normal length, just like his legs. However, it is quite muscular. The LaPerm Shorthair weighs on average between 3.5 and 5.5 kilograms.

The coat of the LaPerm Shorthair is very special. As the name suggests, this cat has short to medium length hair that is curly or wavy. The coat is light, airy and resilient. The texture of the hair of the short-haired cat can be harder than that of the long-haired LaPerm and can also differ from cat to cat. The tail of this cat is not plumed like many other cats.  If we look further into the coat, we notice that most of the curls are at the neck. The coat colour of the LaPerm is very different. All coat colours, shades and patterns are possible. The most common colours are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Creme
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Fawn
  • Lila

These colours can occur with different patterns such as a point, tabby or chinchilla pattern. For more information about the different colour combinations it is wise to take a look at the breed standard.

The LaPerm Shorthair has little undercoat. The advantage of his coat is that the curls ensure that the loose hairs remain in place, so not much falls on the ground. It is important that you brush this on time, you will read more about this later.


The upbringing: ensuring good socialisation

The upbringing starts as soon as the kitten is born. The first fourteen weeks of the upbringing is also called the socialisation period. During this period the kitten learns to deal with all the stimuli around him. In the first eight weeks of his life the kitten learns most things from its mother. In particular, she teaches the kitten how to behave. They also learn how to make social interaction with their brothers and sisters.  These first weeks a good socialisation is very important, because in this period the kittens are most influenced. His mother has to make sure he is raised well. When a kitten has passed the socialisation period he can only leave his mother, this will be done sooner than it is bad for his health.

After these 8 weeks the socialisation between humans and animals starts, although for these 8 weeks it is also important that a kitten comes into contact with human touch now and then. When your kitten quickly gets used to different people and animals around him, it will become a more sociable and curious cat. You can get them used to this by playing with them and picking them up and stroking them from time to time.

As soon as you take in a LaPerm Shorthair it is important to have everything in order. So, plan everything in advance. Is the environment safe? Where will the LaPerm Shorthair sleep? Are all necessities present, such as a feeding bowl and toys? These are all important parts for a healthy upbringing. It is important to start immediately when you bring it into the house. The earlier you start, the easier it is to teach the LaPerm Shorthair a routine. This makes him feel safer and at ease. It is also easier to take care of it in the right way. Make sure you have a fixed rhythm around eating and sleeping, as these are the two most important life needs for your cat.

Tell everyone in the house how to handle the cat, this way he will be raised correctly by everyone living in the house and your LaPerm Shorthair will grow old healthy.laperm liggend op een kleedje

The care: comparable to other cats

Taking care of the LaPerm Shorthair does not take a lot of time compared to other breeds. On average two to three times a week combing is sufficient. His coat only needs to be combed lightly to remove the loose hairs. This way you avoid hairballs. Once in a while a bath is also good for the coat. Drying his coat is easy and there is no need to use a hairdryer, just dab it gently with a towel.

Provide enough food and clean drinking water every day, this is also part of the care. It is also wise to buy some toys so that your LaPerm Shorthair can enjoy itself at any time of the day, even when no one is at home. It is not recommended to leave this breed alone at home for a longer period of time. If it does happen, then toys offer a solution. In general, a combination always works very well.

The teeth of the LaPerm Shorthair also need to be taken care of. It is best to do this every day at a fixed time. This way your cat will get used to it and you won’t forget it yourself. Dental problems are very common in cats, brushing and cleaning your teeth regularly will prevent this.

It is also important to clean his ears regularly to prevent inflammation. Checking is very easy. Again: start early and keep a fixed routine, this way he gets used to it and taking care of it is a lot easier.

So, you can see that the quality of the socialisation period has an enormous impact on the care of the cat. That’s why human touch is so important during the socialisation period. If this is not done properly, the care will also become more difficult.


The nutrition: sufficient animal protein

Just like the LaPerm Longhair, the LaPerm Shorthair is quite muscular. In order to maintain these muscles in a good way, animal proteins are needed. Animal proteins form the basis of a good diet for every cat. Why doesn’t the LaPerm Shorthair need vegetable proteins? Because his body cannot digest and process this properly. So, go for a diet consisting mainly of meat and fish. These are sources of high-quality animal proteins and good fats. Royal Canin, for example, sells special food for active and muscular cats.

Besides proteins and fats, the LaPerm Shorthair also needs vitamins and minerals. The most important are vitamins A, B, D, K and E. Vitamin C is also needed, but too much of this vitamin can cause problems with his bladder and kidneys. So, avoid this and make sure you know what vitamins your cat is being given.

If you want to make sure you buy the right food for your LaPerm Shorthair, check the label. If there is a supplementary food, this is not the right food. Choose a complete meal. It contains all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.


Diseases that are common in this breed

The LaPerm Shorthair is known as a healthy breed. This means that there are no known diseases specific to this breed. This is one of the reasons why this breed is bred a lot. The fact that this breed is healthy does not mean that its health should not be taken care of. The LaPerm Shorthair is still susceptible to the “standard” cat diseases, such as obesity and heart problems.

Both problems can partly be prevented by a good upbringing, healthy eating and a lot of exercise. Overweight is in general largely in the hands of the owner. So, make sure you have a strict diet and limit snacks. However, it is always possible that one LaPerm Shorthair is more sensitive to a condition than another LaPerm Shorthair. Therefore, always keep a close eye on his health.

You will notice that your LaPerm Shorthair is suddenly no longer so active and playful. Is he eating badly or not breathing well? Then these may be signs of a heart condition. In this case, call in a veterinarian in good time and he will be able to take immediate action.

laperm katten liggend

How old can the LaPerm Shorthair get?

On average, the LaPerm Shorthair gets about 12 to 15 years old. However, in some cases it is possible that it also reaches the age of 20 years. This has everything to do with its reputation as a strong and healthy breed. He can take a beating and if he is well raised, well fed and gets enough attention you can enjoy this cat for a long time to come.


What do you need to know before you bring this cat into your house?

The most important thing to take into account when thinking about bringing in the LaPerm Shorthair is that it needs a lot of attention and is active. So, it is wise to check beforehand whether you as a boss have enough time and desire to give your LaPerm Shorthair sufficient attention and care. This is essential for his health and should certainly not be overlooked. Are you not willing to spend a lot of time on your LaPerm Shorthair? Then it is really wiser to choose a breed that is more independent and needs less attention.

In addition, it is also not unimportant to take into account the right breeder. Only buy a kitten from a recognized breeder who is a member of a breed association. When you buy your LaPerm Shorthair kitten from a recognized breeder, you can be sure that the socialization period has gone through correctly. This ensures that you can enjoy a healthy and happy cat for a long time. That is what you want for your cat, of course.


How much does a LaPerm Shorthair cost?

The price for the LaPerm Shorthair is around $900. That is a normal amount for a breed cat, especially for such a healthy and strong breed as the LaPerm Shorthair. Through the breed association you can get in contact with several breeders who sell the LaPerm Shorthair. The prices will differ slightly per breeder, but on average the price is around seven hundred and fifty euros.

Besides the purchase costs you also have to take maintenance costs into account. The maintenance costs are on average around $500 per year. Think of one-off costs for a litter box, a scratching post and feeding troughs. But also, weekly or monthly costs for, for example, food, cat litter, deworming and toys. You should also always be able to pay unexpected veterinary costs, keep this in mind!

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Do you also choose the LaPerm Shorthair?

The LaPerm Shorthair is a real family cat that can make the atmosphere in the house a lot more cosy. Do you also have a LaPerm Shorthair in your house or are you planning to buy one? Let us know why this breed appeals to you in the comments below. We are very curious. Maybe you already have a LaPerm Shorthair, and do you have any tips on how to take care of it? We and our readers are very curious about your experiences with this beautiful breed!

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