The LaPerm Longhair: an active and affectionate cat

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The LaPerm Longhair is a smart and sweet cat that loves human attention. This makes him the ideal family cat. He loves to be petted. He also has an active side. He loves to hunt, which he is also very good at because of his agility. If you are looking for an active family cat then the LaPerm Longhair can be the perfect cat for you. The LaPerm exists in two varieties. The LaPerm Longhair and the LaPerm Shorthair. Both breeds are more or less the same. Are you interested in this cat and would you like to know more about it? Then read on!


The origin: an American farm cat

The LaPerm Longhair was created because a normal cat with a beautiful curly coat gave birth to kittens. A litter of six kittens was born. One of these kittens was completely bald and showed a kind of tabby pattern on his skin. Only after a few weeks a soft, curly coat started to grow in this kitten.

When the kittens reached adulthood they started to mate with other cats that could be found on this farm. After a while more and more cats walked around the farm that had this unique coat. The curls of this breed stood out, so more and more breeders became interested in this cat. This is how the LaPerm Longhair came into being. The name ‘LaPerm’ means ‘wavy’ or ‘curly’, which describes his coat.

The breed probably originated around 1980 on a farm in Oregon, America. From the first appearance it took some time before this breed was actively bred. After about ten years they started selective breeding to get the cats that had a dominant gene for that beautiful coat full of curls. This breed is officially recognized by the CFA and the TICA, this makes it a real breed of cat that is loved by many enthusiastic cat lovers.


The character: active and playful

The LaPerm Longhair is especially known for its playful and active character. He loves to run around and play. This can be indoors as well as outdoors. This cat also loves to hunt. For this reason it is wise to make sure that you can take LaPerm Longhair outside if he wants to. The LaPerm Longhair is curious and enjoys discovering and learning new things. Learning new things is easy to master because it is quite intelligent. The LaPerm Longhair adapts easily, so learning a new routine is quite easy with this breed.

In addition to his active side, he also has a relaxed and calmer side. He loves to be petted by his owner and to relax. He needs a lot of attention, this makes him a suitable family cat. If you leave this cat alone for too long, he will become lonely and unhappy.

LaPerm longhair kittens

Appearance: a beautiful and striking coat

The LaPerm Longhair is a medium-sized cat, in which all parts of the body are in proportion to each other. His legs fit well with the body length and are of normal size. With these cats it seems as if he walks quite high on his feet. Also his tail is in proportion with the body and is tapering. The males are often a bit bigger than the females. On average a LaPerm weighs between 3,5 and 5,5 kilo.

The LaPerm is a cat that produces both short-haired and long-haired cats. The only difference between these two cats is the length of the coat. The LaPerm Longhair has a semi longhaired coat that is resilient, light and airy. The coat is curly or wavy, but not very thick and heavy. It is normal that the coat can look rather unkempt, this is due to the texture of the coat. Next to the coat also the ears of the LaPerm Longhair are very noticeable. They are large and wedge shaped. Often the long-haired cats have lynx tips on their ears, these are spiky tufts of hair on the tips of the ears. His eyes have the shape of an almond and are striking. The colours of the eyes can differ and have no connection with his coat colour. The head of the LaPerm Longhair is a kind of wedge shape, but with a round undertone.

The longest and thickest curls in the coat are in the neck of the LaPerm Longhair. He has little undercoat and feels very soft to the touch. This makes this a pleasant breed to pet.  His coat can have different colours and patterns. All colours and patterns are possible, this makes this breed a breed with many different external characteristics. The most common colours are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Fawn

These colours are combined with different patterns such as tabby, chinchilla and point. Would you like to know more about the different colour and pattern combinations of the LaPerm? Then you can take a look at the breed standard.


The upbringing: focus on socialisation

When it comes to raising the LaPerm Long-haired kitten, it is important to give him a good period of socialisation. The socialisation period includes the first 14 weeks of the kitten’s life. During this period he learns the most and can be influenced the most. It is important that he spends enough time with his mother during this vulnerable period. At least the first 8 weeks.

During these weeks he copies his mother’s behaviour and learns how to deal with his brothers and sisters. In addition, it is important that he gets used to human touch and the care of people. In the future it will be necessary to take care of the LaPerm Longhair, for example by cleaning the ears, but also by cutting the nails. It is important that the LaPerm Longhair already gets used to this during his socialisation period.

It is recommended to buy the LaPerm Longhair only after these 14 weeks. This way he has spent enough time with his mother. To make sure the kitten has had a good period of socialisation it is wise to buy the kittens only from a recognised breeder. This prevents health problems in the future. A kitten can develop fears and other bad traits in its young years which can be bad for its health.

Even after the socialisation period the upbringing will of course continue. The focus is on learning routines and other new things. The LaPerm Longhair is a fast learner, so learning routines and for example tricks will not be difficult. However, it is wise to start as soon as possible after purchase. So teach him a fixed routine around eating, sleeping and grooming. This will make life a lot easier for you and your LaPerm Longhair.

LaPerm longhair biting

The care: quite simple

The care of the coat of the LaPerm Longhair is quite simple. The curls are easy to comb because the coat is not very thick. It is sufficient if you comb the coat of a LaPerm about twice a week. It may be that the LaPerm Longhair’s coat thickens a bit in the winter, then it may be necessary to comb it more often. It is also good to wash the coat every now and then. Make sure you dry it by dabbing it with a towel. Do not use a hairdryer.

Cutting the nails is also important. As soon as you notice that his nails are getting too long, it is advisable to cut them. In general you can do this yourself because this breed doesn’t have much trouble with that. How easy it goes depends on the quality of the socialisation period, that is why it is so important.

Taking care of the teeth of the LaPerm Longhair is also important, because dental problems can occur at times. It is best to brush your teeth every day. Can’t do that? Then try to brush your teeth at least once a week. In addition, it is wise to check his ears every week and clean them if necessary. This prevents infections in his ears.

It is recommended to keep the LaPerm Longhair indoors, especially as it is quite an unusual cat and it often happens to be stolen. There is also always danger lurking in the outside world. The LaPerm does like to hunt, so going outside once in a while is not a bad thing. If you let your cat outside make sure it is as safe as possible or put it on a leash.


The nutrition: go for a complete meal

Cats, including the LaPerm Longhair, tend to be overweight. This is a well-known disorder in the cat world. It is important to take this into account when feeding your cat. You should pay attention to your cat’s gender, age and level of activity. Based on this you can create a balanced diet for your LaPerm Longhair.

The food of the LaPerm Longhair consists of high quality animal proteins, vitamins and minerals. A cat’s intestinal system is specially designed to digest animal proteins well. It is generally more difficult for a cat to digest other nutrients. The focus should therefore be on animal proteins. Think of meat and fish. When buying cat food it is important to look at the packaging and see if the food is “complete”.

Complete food means that all essential amino acids are in the food. It also contains all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs. Good nutrition ensures that your LaPerm Longhair stays healthy and fit. The LaPerm Longhair does not have exceptionally high muscle mass, so extra protein is generally not needed.


Diseases that are common in this breed

The LaPerm Longhair is known as a strong breed. Therefore there are no diseases known that are specific to this breed. However, common cat diseases can also occur in this breed. Especially the chance of heart problems and overweight is present. These are actually the two most important things to take into account when it comes to the health of the LaPerm Longhair. Both the chance of heart problems and the chance of being overweight can be reduced if good attention is paid to his diet and activity level.

The most common heart disease in LaPerm Longhair is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This is a hereditary heart defect that also occurs frequently in other breeds. In this condition less blood is pumped around than normal. This can cause many problems, such as a reduction in the functioning of the heart valves. The most common symptoms are:

  • Less appetite
  • Poor breathing
  • Anxiety
  • Paralysis of limbs

If you notice that your cat has one of these symptoms, it is wise to call in a vet. In addition, it is therefore important to ensure a good diet and to pay regular attention to his weight. Adjust his diet in good time if necessary. Also pay attention to how active he is and if you notice that he is less active or behaves differently than normal, contact a veterinarian on time. When the LaPerm Longhair is well taken care of and he is fed well, the chance of contracting diseases and health problems will become much smaller.

4 LaPerm longhair kittens

How old can a LaPerm Longhair become?

A LaPerm Longhair becomes on average about fifteen to twenty years old. This is quite an age. The age of the LaPerm Longhair is largely determined by the diseases and the care it receives. Do you care for your LaPerm Longhair correctly and do you take it to the vet on time if something is wrong? Then there is a good chance that you will be able to enjoy him for a long time. In an optimal living environment he may even grow older than the average fifteen to twenty years.


What you need to know before you bring this cat into the house

The LaPerm Longhair is an active family cat. Therefore it is important that he gets enough attention and can be active during the day. Are you single and do you have little time to play with your cat and give him attention? Then it is not advisable to bring this cat into your life. Only buy this cat if you can give it this attention and if there are other people in the house who can and want to do the same.

It is also important to buy the LaPerm Longhair from a licensed breeder. In the Netherlands there are several breeders. On you will find several active breeders that you can approach. The breeders that can be approached via this website all adhere to a breeding policy. All cats are tested for hereditary disorders and diseases and are bred in the most responsible and animal friendly way possible.


How much does a LaPerm Long Hair cost?

On average, the LaPerm Longhair costs around $900. This is a reasonable price for a strong and healthy pedigree cat. Make sure you get the cat from a recognized breeder, then you will be sure to buy a healthy cat and you can enjoy it as long as possible. Will you meet a LaPerm breeder who offers the kittens for a much lower price? Then you have to ask yourself if the breeder treats the kittens in a responsible way.

In addition to the purchase costs, you also have to take the maintenance costs into account. These costs can be as high as $450 euros a year. For example, one-off costs for a litter box, a scratching post and care tools. But also recurring costs for food, cat litter, toys and other care products.


Do you also choose the LaPerm Longhair?

The LaPerm is a sweet and active cat that can brighten up any family. Do you also choose this cat? Maybe you already have a LaPerm Longhair in your house? We are looking forward to your experience with this breed. Let us know in the comments under this article!

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