The Khao Manee: the king of the Siamese people

Khao Manee eye close-up

The Khao Manee is a breed that originates from Thailand. The Khao Manee descends from the Siamese. This breed is also called “the white jewel”. This has to do with its white coat and special eyes. This breed was one of the favorite breeds of the royalties of Thailand. In the old days they only appeared there, nowadays they are popular in England and America. This breed is unique and exceptionally beautiful. Want to know more about this breed? Then read this article.


The origin: Thailand

As mentioned, the Khao Manee is a breed that comes naturally from Thailand. It is also an old breed. The first indications of this breed date back to the 14th century. At that time poems and pictures were made about this breed. The Khao Manee is seen as a well-kept secret, as this breed has remained unknown to the rest of the world for a very long time. Other breeds from Thailand, such as the Siamese, the Burmese and the Korat are much better known. The Khao Manee has been around since the 14th century, but in 1999 it only really became known to other countries because it was only then that a Khao Manee was exported to America for the first time to start a breeding programme there. This has made this breed quite rare.

The breeding programme was started by Colleen Freymouth. When the first kittens were bred this breed was soon exported to England. Here they were very interested in this breed and a breeding program was started. In 2009 the Khao Manee got the status of “registration only” by The International Cat Association (TICA). This means that at that time it was not yet recognised as a real breed. Nowadays, since 2013, this breed is registered as “advanced new breed”, which means that it is seen as a unique and new breed.


The character: playful and naughty

 The Khao Manee is known for its playful character. They love to interact and play with people. They are also not afraid of strangers and love to give and get attention. They are very attached to their owner and build a strong bond with him or her. Besides the fact that they love to play, they also have a more quiet side. When they have played enough and want some rest, they love to lie down with their owner and be petted. So the Khao Manee has an active side, but also a quiet side. This combination ensures that many people are interested in this breed.

It is important to play a lot with this cat, this keeps his muscles in good condition and is good for his character. So keep this in mind if you want to buy this breed and make sure you have enough time and play opportunities for your Khao Manee.

Infographic Khao Manee

The appearance of the Khao Manee: royal and striking

If there is something striking about the Khao Manee, it is its regal appearance. Due to the fact that it used to be a royal breed, it is still considered a royal breed. This has also to do with its charisma. He is completely white and has a muscular body. Because of this he stands out immediately and has a present charisma. His head has a wedge shape, which is somewhat stretched. His face is well shaped with strong and high cheekbones. The body is muscular and in good proportion with his head.

What is striking about his eyes is that they often appear in two different colours. This means that the Khao Manee can have a green eye and a blue eye. This makes the breed quite unique and sought after. When it comes to the colour preference of the eyes, it is a blue eye and a yellow eye. The most common colours are yellow, green, blue and everything in between.

The coat must be white and even. No deviations are possible. He has a thin coat that feels a bit loose which makes it very pleasant to pet the Khao Manee. The appearance is also one of the reasons why this cat is so popular. Its looks and way of walking make the Khao Manee an elegant breed.


The upbringing: socialisation is important

When raising the Khao Manee you can distinguish between two periods: the period at the breeder’s house, the socialisation period and the period at his new house.

When you buy a Khao Manee you buy it from a recognised breeder who is a member of a breed association. This ensures that the socialisation period of your Khao Manee is done correctly. This period lasts about 14 weeks.

During the socialisation period the kitten learns everything about its mother’s cat life. It is important that this goes well, otherwise the Khao Manee may suffer all kinds of different health problems later in life. This can be prevented by a good socialisation period and therefore it is important to buy the kitten from a licensed breeder.

During this period it is also important to make sure the kittens get used to the touch of people. This will make them a lot easier to take care of in the future. The younger the kitten or cat, the easier it is to get him used to things and to teach him new things. It is therefore important that this is already done during the socialisation period.

The second part of his upbringing starts when the Khao Manee is placed in a house. The most important thing is to create a fixed routine as soon as possible. Cats need routine. Think of a routine all around eating, sleeping and care.

It is important to feed your Khao Manee new food at the same time every day. In this way he quickly learns a rhythm and knows when he can eat. This gives him peace and structure. The same goes for sleeping. Make sure he has a good place to sleep where he goes every day around the same time. It is also important to take care of him often on the same day and at the same time. Sometimes cats don’t like grooming. If you start right away with a fixed rhythm they get used to it faster. The sooner your Khao Manee gets used to his rhythm and environment, the better he develops and the healthier he is.

Khao Manee sitting in a tree

The care: a thin, supple coat

The Khao Manee does not need much care. Taking care of his coat once a week is enough. He has a thin, supple and short coat. Combing and brushing once a week is enough to remove the loose hairs to keep his coat in a good condition.

Besides taking care of the coat it is also important to do other things. Taking care of the teeth, ears and nails are the most important things. Taking care of his teeth has to be done on a weekly basis, but it is really advisable to do this on a daily basis. This way he has a fixed routine that he learns faster. In addition, this is just much better for his teeth. It is better to do it a little too often than too little.

His nails need to be cut if you notice that they are getting too long. You can cut the nails yourself, but if you don’t trust it it can be useful to do this together with a vet the first few times. This way you know how to do it in the right way.

Cleaning the ears is also part of good care. Isn’t this done on a weekly basis? Then your Khao Manee can get inflammations in his ears. Of course you want to prevent this and you can do this very easily by cleaning his ears.

As you can see, there are a number of things that are important when it comes to caring for a Khao Manee. That is why routine is important. A fixed routine makes it easier to take care of a Khao Manee and you won’t forget it. Your cat will also like this much more.


Nutrition: fats and proteins

The food a Khao Manee needs consists of macro- and micronutrients, mainly fats and proteins. These fats and proteins must come from animal sources, such as meat and fish. A cat’s intestinal system is specifically made for this purpose. The proteins ensure that his muscles are well maintained. In addition, these proteins contain essential amino acids that are important for his heart and blood vessels.

The micronutrients the Khao Manee needs consist of vitamins and minerals. The most important ones are vitamins A, B, D, E, K. When you are going to buy food for your Khao Manee it is wise to buy a complete meal. This complete meal contains all the essential nutrients your Khao Manee needs to live a healthy life. They contain animal proteins and fats, but also all vitamins and minerals.

Because the Khao Manee is a rather muscular and active breed, it may be wise to buy feed with extra protein.


Diseases that are common in this breed

 The Khao Manee is a healthy breed. Actually, there is only one condition that has to be taken into account and that is deafness. Deafness is relatively common in white cats with blue eyes. It is therefore wise to test for this at the breeder. If a Khao Manee has two blue eyes the chance is on average 4 times bigger that he is deaf compared to a white cat without blue eyes. Breeders who are members of breed associations know about this and generally also test for it. It is wise to ask for this.

Furthermore, this breed is very strong and has no specific diseases linked to this breed. It is true that this breed – just like other breeds – is susceptible to the standard diseases that cats often have. Think of overweight and heart problems.

A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can reasonably limit both problems, which is why care is crucial.

Khao Manee walking on sandy beach

How old can the Khao Manee get?

 The Khao Manee reaches an average age of 10 to 15 years. This is an excellent average age for a purebred cat. This is mainly due to his healthy genes and few specific diseases. When your Khao Manee has had a good period of socialisation, has a good routine, is well fed and gets enough attention, this breed will grow old happy and healthy and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.


What you need to know before you bring in a Khao Manee

There are actually two things that are very important when it comes to getting a Khao Manee, these things are:

* Giving enough attention

* Finding a licensed breeder

The Khao Manee loves attention, this means you have to make sure he gets it. Make sure that there is often someone at home who can give the Khao Manee attention. Also make sure there are plenty of facilities such as toys. Attention and playing is important for his health.

Finding a licensed breeder is very important. There is a well-known breed association in America, namely This association is specifically engaged in the breeding of the Khao Manee and is officially registered with the TICA and CFA.


What price do you have to think of if you want to buy a Khao Manee?

 A Khao Manee will cost you between $1200 and $2000. The price of a Khao Manee depends on the eyes and the breeder. A Khao Manee with two different eye colours costs more money and can quickly become about $2000  A Khao Manee with normal eyes costs about $1200. However, prices can differ per breeder, so it is advisable to do some research. However, only buy it from a licensed breeder and do not go for the extremely cheap variety, because often something is not quite right.

Khao Manee wearing a harness

Will you also choose this cat?

 The Khao Manee is a special breed that is still relatively rare in the Netherlands. Do you have a Khao Manee in your house? Please let us know what you think of this breed in the reactions under this article. Do you have any tips for our readers? Where did you get this beautiful breed? Does his behaviour stand out? We are looking forward to your experience with the Khao Manee!

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