The Havana Brown cat: with a coat colour of a cigar

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The Havana Brown is a cat from England. It originated from a cross between the Siamese and a number of English black cats. The Havana Brown can be recognised by its brown coat. The reason this species is called the Havana Brown is because the colour of its fur is very similar to the colour of the Havana cigar. Although this explanation is not one hundred percent certain, it is the most common and logical explanation for the name of this species. Do you want to know why? Then read on!


The history of this warm cat

The history of this cat is quite interesting. This species originated around the year 1950. You sometimes hear that cats are discovered or made by accident. That is different in this case. In this case people acted with a purpose in mind. The goal was to make a real brown cat. This breed originated when British breeders started to cross with different Shorthairs. Now and then chocolate brown kittens were born. These were born – so it became clear – when both parents were carriers of the gene for this colour. When two chocolate brown cats were crossed, a chocolate brown kitten was always born from that.

It didn’t stop there. The cats from this first series continued to be bred in Britain under the name Chestnut Brown Foreign Shorthair. They continued to cross with Siamese. The aim was to create an Oriental type with an Oriental physique. Other cats were also sent to the United States on request and a new breed was created there. Eventually the Havana Brown came into being.


The character of this unique species

The character of the Havana Brown is very similar to that of the Siamese. This is not so strange, because the basis of this species lies mainly with the Siamese. The Havana Brown is somewhat quieter than the Siamese and very suitable as a pet. In general, this cat is quite present and loves the Havana Brown very much to be outdoors in nature. It is important that you have enough time for this type of cat. They require a lot of attention. For this reason, this cat is also seen as a real family cat. If you have children in the house, it is certainly beneficial for the health of this cat. Make sure that there is often someone at home who can play with this cat for a while. If you are not home very often then it may be useful to purchase a number of other pets. If this doesn’t work out either, it might be wiser to buy a different kind of cat that is more independent and needs less attention.

This cat is a real pet. Can’t you give the cat what it needs? Then make sure you choose a different breed. After all, there are plenty of cats who are good at being on their own. Furthermore, the friendly character of the Havana Brown ensures that he often gets along well with other animals. This cat is also quite curious and loves to go out and discover things. This cat is very playful and agile with its legs. This characteristic is something that really belongs to the Havana Brown.

Another striking feature of these cats is that they love to play with people’s hair. They do this gently with their paws. So don’t be surprised if you are lying on the couch and your cat is suddenly playing with your hair. Let the cat do his own thing; it will do him a great favour!


Havana Brown infographic with information about origin, weight, size, life expactany and qualities

The warm brown look of the Havana Brown

The Havana Brown can therefore be recognised by its brown colour. In addition, the eyes are often bright green. The nasal mirror has a brown colour with a pink glow. It is a cat with a slender build. This cat generally moves quite elegantly, compared to other cat species. The legs of this cat are slim and long. Its feet are oval. Also its tail is long and oval. Because of these oval and round shapes this cat has a soft and graceful appearance. The coat of this species is short and feels very soft. This cat has little undercoat. The appearance is often seen as one of the most important reasons to buy this cat. There are a lot of male cats on the market. These cats are tough, muscular and somewhat blocked in shape. Because this cat has more rounded shapes this makes for a nice and quiet appearance, something that is quite unique and therefore appeals to a lot of people. This has also partly to do with the shape of his head, you can read more about this later.


The coat of the Havana Brown

The Havana Brown has a very short and connected coat. The coat feels soft to the touch, has a fine texture and is shiny. The coat is soft and shiny with a solid warm brown colour. The original colour of the Havana Brown is brown but due to dilution the Havana Brown nowadays also occurs in lilac and chocolate brown. Kittens are often born with Ghostmarkings. After about a year they disappear.


The upbringing

Although the Havana Brown is not as talkative as the Siamese, he is very sociable and gets along well with children. It is suitable for any house in which people sit and also loves attention. It is therefore important for the kittens of the Havana Brown to get used to people in this way. It is not a good idea to take a kitten into the house and then almost always leave her alone. The cat is playful and that is important to understand from an early age and deal with the Havana Brown in this way. This has to do with socialising the cat.

After about twelve to sixteen weeks the kittens can be taken away. It often happens in the twelfth week that the vaccinations take place. After this number of weeks, the cats have also had enough time to develop physically and socially and are ready to enter a new environment. From that moment on you play the crucial role in further education and care. By the way, the cat is also well prepared to participate in exhibitions after this number of weeks, which is popular abroad. 

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Diseases that are common in this cat

There are currently no known genetic diseases in this breed. This can of course be different as time goes on. At the moment of writing these are certainly not there. However, the Havana Brown may have a somewhat larger jug on irritated gums. This has to do with the fact that the Havana Brown, as mentioned earlier, is closely related to the Siamese. Always pay attention, because the health of the cat is something to keep an eye on at all times.

How old can the Havana Brown get?

On average, Havana Brown grows to be between 10 and 15 years old. This of course depends on the care and health of the cat. If the cat is well cared for and maintained in good health, the Havana Brown can of course live to be over 15 years old. Life expectancy therefore depends on the health of the cat. It is important to look at where the cat comes from when purchasing.


Did you know this about the Havana Brown?

In addition to a number of external features, this cat has a number of other distinguishing features. This breed has an unusual head shape for cats. The head is longer than it is wide, and this is not very common. In addition, people used to think that these cats had a special gift and could protect against evil spirits and demons. Of course, there is no scientific evidence for this, but it is certainly a fun fact. Another striking feature of this species is that sitting is the only cat with a breed standard in which the colour of its coat extends all the way into its whiskers. This too is truly unique and is characteristic of Havana Brown.

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Buying this cat, how does it work?

Buying this cat is fairly easy in the United States, unlike in Europe. In Europe the breed is rare. Of course, it remains important that you buy the cat from a trusted place. Pay special attention to the living environment. Did the cat have enough company? Was the place to grow up safe? Especially the latter is very important. If this is not the case, the cat may be pretty scared for the rest of its life. It will be very difficult to change this then. Is everything else in order? Then chances are that you can buy a happy and healthy Havana Brown here.


How much does the Havana Brown cost?

As the cat is easier to get in the house abroad, these prices are based on dollars. It costs about 75 to 150 dollars to adopt a Havana Brown. So, this looks especially at adoption. Buying a Havana Brown through a breeder can be as much as 1300 dollars, starting at 500/600 dollars.

Why this difference? There are a number of explanations why the price of the Havana Brown differs. Here are two:

  • Appearance: Some Havana Brown cats are darker in colour than other cats of the same breed. It depends on appearance what the cost of each Havana Brown will be
  • Age and health: age and health are also important factors determining the cost of a cat. Did you know that the average lifespan of Havana Brown is between 15 and 20 years?


The care of the Havana Brown

The big advantage of this cat is that you spend relatively little time caring for it. Because of the short and soft coat, combing is actually not necessary. What you do need to take into account is the fact that this cat has a tendency for gum inflammation. This has to do with the Siamese ancestry. This is actually the only point of attention for this breed. It is therefore advisable to check the dentition of the Havana Brown every few months. You may notice that it eats less or takes longer to eat.

If you notice a change in his behaviour it is also wise to take a look at his teeth. Inflamed gums are fairly easy to fix, which fortunately is not a major problem. Furthermore, of course the standard care requirements of a cat apply. Think of a good litter tray, healthy and appropriate food and enough time to relax. And enough attention, not to forget!

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The food the Havana Brown needs

This cat is not very hyperactive. For this reason, it is important that you don’t feed him too much. The nutrients he ingests, on the other hand, are important. Make sure you have a balanced diet that contains enough animal proteins and fats. Also make sure he gets the right vitamins. This will improve his health and make your cat happy and happy. Double the profit!


Do you have the Havana Brown? Then let us hear from you!

The Havana Brown is generally a rare breed. Do you own a Havana Brown and would you like to help us and our readers learn more about this cat? Then leave a nice comment below. We are very curious about your experiences with this cat. Does he have any crazy habits or characteristics that are not yet known? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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