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Are you looking for information about a specific cat breed? Or do you want to check out as many breeds as possible, to see if there are any cat breeds you like? We made breed description for more than 50 cat breeds, in which we describe the character, the history and the life expectancy of all these cat breeds. You will also find information if certain cats need extra grooming. Go on and find your favorite cat breed!

Maine Coon buiten

7 signs your cat is a Maine Coon mix

Did you know that many of the cat breeds that we see nowadays are mostly crossed hybrids between other breeds? Indeed, genetic mutations and crossbreeds between different felines throughout history have resulted in the cats

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Munchkin cat

12 Cat breeds with short legs

Cats come in many ways, shapes and forms. Not only are there cats with long legs, but also short legged cat breeds can be found. In this article, we highlight the various cat breeds with

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