12 Cat breeds with short legs

Munchkin cat

Cats come in many ways, shapes and forms. Not only are there cats with long legs, but also short legged cat breeds can be found. In this article, we highlight the various cat breeds with short legs, and all there is to know about them. This way you have all the information you will need, in order to decide which cat breed fits within your home. So, do you want to know more about cat breeds with short legs? Please read this article and become an expert on short legged cat breeds!


A list of 12 short legged cat breeds

First off, we will start by laying out the thirteen various short legged cat breeds that you might come across in your search for your new pet. We will highlight their characters and everything you need to know before welcoming a specific cat breed with short legs into your home. Let’s get into it!


Minuet cat

Also known at the Napoleon cat. The Minuet cat can become nine to fifteen years old, which is why it is often seen as the perfect cat breed within a family home. Specifically, if kids are around, as they can grow up with this cat and have them until their teenage years. You can recognize a Minuet cat rather easily, as they do not only have short legs, but also a very short and round face.

The Minuet cat breed comes in various colors, as well as having either short or longer hair. Although a Minuet cat does like to play, they enjoy attention even more. As these cats are rather gentle, they are, again, a great fit with kids. You will often find that a Minuet cat craves attention and therefore likes to be pet and cuddled with frequently.

Minuet cat

Genetta cat

The Genetta cat comes in various colors, such as white with little grey sports, black and brown. This is a hybrid cat breed, as the Genetta cat breed is a mix of a Bengal cat, Savannas cat and a Munchkin cat. Through this mix of various other cat breeds, a Genetta will be very happy to play, while also enjoying the attention of their owners.

Due to the high energy of the Genetta cat breed, this cat can entertain oneself for various hours. However, as they can grow very attached to their owners, they do not like to be left alone. Especially for longer periods of time. The estimated lifespan of the Genetta cat breed is between nine and twelve years old.


Skookum cat

The Skookum cat breed is a perfect match for any home with kids. They are very laid-back and therefore will not intimidate your kids. They also come in a broad range of colors and patterns. A Skookum cat can become up to fifteen years old, as is estimated by experts. Although, the Skookum cat is very gentle, they do like to play. As this cat breed is also very intelligent, they like to learn and be challenged. If you take your time, you might even be able to learn this cat some commands.


Dwelf cat

As already said in the introduction of this article, cats come in various looks and characters. And, the Dwelf cat breed is a special one, as they do not have fur or hair. You can find Dwelf cat breeds in either black or a neutral rose color. They are estimated to live between eight and twelve years. A Dwelf cat is a very social and loving cat, who enjoys warmth. They, therefore, like to cuddle with you or lay within warm sports.

You can recognize the Dwelf cat by their curled tail and short legs. Please do mind that Dwelf cats are not great to go outside, as they do not have any fur to protect them against water and cold. Should you thus be interested in buying a Dwelf cat, make sure that they can live comfortably in your house.


Kinkalow cat

This short legged cat breed is characterized by the fact that their ears are curled towards one another. They look very sweet and cute, which matches with their energy and character. Kinkalow cats are extremely loving and they sure love to get all the attention within the house. So, no more spare time, as this cat will make sure to demand some pets and cuddles! You can find the Kinkalow cat breed in white, black and combinations of two or three colors.


Bambino cat

Another short legged hairless cat breed is the Bambino cat. You can recognize them through their blue eyes and often rose color. You can find the Bambino cat in different colors as well, like black, brown and white. This cat breed has the life expectancy of about twelve to fifteen years old. A Bambino cat loves attention, but also is very smart. They, therefore, might misbehave from time to time if they are not challenged through any games or playtime.

Bambino cat

Minskin cat

A Minskin cat is a rather unique cat, which is why you will not be able to find one rather easily. This cat breed is very special, as it is one of the few cats that has little hair or fur. As they are generally very small and have big eyes, the Minskin cat breed will look young throughout its entire life.

They have an expected lifespan of about twelve to fifteen years. Their character is a mix of playful and loving. As with the Dwelf and Bambino cat, it is also important for this cat that you have lots of warm spots for your Minskin cat to lay down in, as they barely have any fur to keep them warm.


American Curl

Just like the Kinkalow cat breed, the American Curl cat breed has ears that are curled to one another. These cats are expected to live between nine and thirteen years old. An American Curl cat is very playful and enjoys attention from its owners. As this cat breed is rather balanced in playfulness and affection, this cat breed can also go very well together with kids.

American Curl cat

Munchkin cat

A Munchkin cat looks somewhat funny, as their legs are very short, while the rest of their body normally sized. This does not give this cat breed any health or medical concerns though, as they have a life expectancy of about thirteen/fourteen years old. You can be able to find the Munckin cat breed in differing and various colors, sometimes even with a pattern. They also often have brightly colored eyes. These cats love to play, enjoy company of others, while still being easy going.

Munchkin kitten

Lambkin cat

If you are looking for a short legged cat breed that wants to be with you at all time, the Lambkin cat is the perfect match for you. This cat is known to love cuddling, pets and any attention basically. They are also an extremely calm cat breed and do not need loads of attention in the form of playtime. Lambkin cats can come in differing colors and can grow between twelve and fourteen years old.


Siamese cat

A Siamese cat has rather short legs, when compared to the rest of their body. You will often find a Siamese that has a cream body, with dark brown paws, face and tail. They also often have (bright) blue eyes. As the Siamese cat breed is intelligent, it enjoys to be challenged and played with. They also like some family time and enjoy cuddles or pets. This combination makes it a great cat for a family home.

Siamese cat

Scottish kilt cat

This hybrid cat breed is a combination of the Munchkin cat breed and the Scottish Fold cat breed. It has characters of both these breeds. In this case, this cat has folded ears like the Scottish Fold cat breed. It also has very short legs, which originate in the Munckin cat breed.

Due to the combination of these two cat breeds, this cat loves to play. They also enjoy spending time with their owners, whether this is through playing together or having some cuddle time. If you do have kids, this cat will pair up great with your other little ones.


How to take proper care of your short legged feline

Now that you know the various cat breeds with short legs, it is important that you know how to provide the proper care for your feline. As cat breeds with short legs are often caused by genetic mutation, it can carry some health risks. We, therefore, recommend that you pay annual visits to your veterinarian to perform check-ups on your cat.

Due to the fact that these cats have very short legs, they can be vulnerable to joint issues. A high protein diet with some fats and vitamins can help with preventing such issues. Also trying to keep your cat from jumping off high places can help prevent joint damage. Especially as your cat gets older or already is a senior, it might be good to take some pictures/x-rays of your cat at the vet.

They can localize any inflammations and issues with joints or spines. That way you can treat your cat quickly and prevent them from being in any pain. Also, be careful when you play with your short legged cat breed. Do not let them jump up to high and let them land on hard surfaces. In taking these measures into consideration, you will be able to enjoy your cat breed with short legs for many years!


Cat breeds with short legs: the various types and how to take care of them

In this article, you could have read about the various types of cat breeds with short legs, and how you can take care of them in best possible way. Just to quickly sum up, these are the cat breeds with short legs that we have talked about:

  • Minuet cat breed, or Napoleon cat;
  • Genetta cat breed;
  • Shookum cat breed;
  • Dwelf cat breed;
  • Kinkalow cat breed;
  • Bambino cat breed;
  • Minskin cat breed;
  • American Curl cat breed;
  • Munchkin cat breed;
  • Lambkin cats;
  • Siamese cats;
  • Scottish kilt cat breed.

As these cats have short legs, often due to genetic mutations, there are various things you can do to make sure they live a long and happy life. First off, annual visits to a vet are recommended. If any issues arise, they can quickly step in and help. Second, providing your short legged feline with a high protein diet can help prevent serious joint issues. With that, it is also important to try to not let your cat jump off of high places or spots.

Third, we also advice you to let your veterinarian take x-rays or photos of your cat as they become older. If there are any issues with their joints or spine, these can then be localized and treated as soon as possible. Lastly, also try not to let your cat jump up to high or land on hard surfaces during play time. This way you can prevent any health or medical concerns as much as possible.

After reading this article, we would love to hear your thoughts about cat breeds with short legs. If you are the owner of one, what do you enjoy most about them? Or, perhaps you have any other tips and tricks that can help with the proper care of short legged cats? If you do, please let us know through commenting on this article below. We would love to see your comments and any other helpful tips!

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