These are the 11 cat breeds that are easy to train

Training a cat

You want to add a cat to the family. That might be fun, but cats can be quite stubborn as well. Maybe you think cats are not trainable, but nothing could be further from the truth. However, it is possible to train cats. Nevertheless, it is important to know that training cats is not always easy. Training cats is admittedly a bit tricky, because they are not focused on pleasing their owner like dogs. Cats are generally very independent creatures. They won’t listen to you so easily, unless you have something tasty for them.

Fortunately, there are some cat breeds that you can train to listen to you better than other cats. These jump through hoops for you or come on command. You can even teach them to relieve themselves on a toilet, instead of the litter box. Are you curious which cat breeds are easy to train? Then read along to find out!


1. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is an incredibly exuberant cat that is also affectionate. It is actually inevitable that you train your Abyssinian. They are super intelligent and discover many things themselves, because they constantly keep an eye on you. The Abyssinian also has a very friendly character, and besides that, they are true entertainers. This cat breed has a lot of energy that they need to expend. By playing fetch or games with your cat, your cat can release some of this energy. Some can also be taught to walk on a leash with a harness, or to do cat tricks. Walking on a leash is something they enjoy doing, so they can show more publicly what they can do and how much fun they are.

The body of this breed is acrobatic, so he or she does all kinds of tricks without effort. They like to climb, so you will often see them on a high object, such as a cabinet or the table. Does your cat discover something he or she finds interesting? Then your cat ‘borrows’ the object, to study it further. By playing and doing as much as possible with your Abyssinian, your cat will be happy. The curious nature makes it that training and interacting with your cat helps with having fun.

You can train an Abyssinian to listen to you whenever you want. It is therefore an ideal family member. As long as you spend enough time and attention to your cat, you will get this back in positive behavior. Because this breed has a lot of energy, it is wise to take two of them in the house. It can otherwise happen that your cat is bored, while you are away from home for a while, causing your cat to do something in your house you would rather not.



2. Siamese

One of the most intelligent cats is the Siamese. This cat breed has been a popular pet since the nineteenth century. The fact that they are popular is not surprising, they are social cats who love to interact with people. They are also very attached to the family where they live. They are challenging cats, because they can also teach themselves tricks. For example, they open doors and closets by themselves or they can even turn on the faucet.

They are also masters at hiding themselves. If your child likes to play hide and seek, you can feel free to let your child do this with your Siamese. They are also very curious, so be prepared that no bag is safe. For example, if you put your shopping bag inside the house, chances are your cat is already nosing around in the bag.

Siamese cats will like it if you take them for a walk on a leash. They also like to play fetch. But although you think you are training your cat, it could just as well be that your cat is training you to do what he or she wants.

A Siamese is a cat that loves to chat with you. Even though you can’t understand it, your cat will keep talking to you, all day long. It is a cat that likes to be involved in everything. For example, if you are somewhere in the house doing chores, your cat will track you down to see what you are doing. Preferably your Siamese will help you with the chores. There are no quiet days with this cat breed. If you don’t entertain your cat enough by training them and playing with them, your Siamese will happily get into mischief to entertain themselves.

Siamese cat


3. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is also a very trainable breed. You recognize the American Shorthair by the silver tabby pattern. They are purebred cats, not to be confused with the domestic shorthaired cats that are bred randomly. You often see them in commercials and television programs, simply because you can train them well. This is because the American Shorthair responds very well to positive rewards.

The character of this breed is quiet and calm, not that they are lazy. But they are simply less likely to demolish your house if they are bored. They are cats that are undemanding and adapt well. They are easy to get along with and very intelligent. They have people skills, which makes it even easier to train them certain things. For example, you can teach them to walk on a leash. You can also teach them not to put their nails in your bin or curtains. Maybe this isn’t something you would easily think about when training a cat, but it is very helpful. In this way, you can make sure that your cat won’t destroy your furniture. An ideal addition to bring into the family, right? They learn quickly and do what you want without grumbling.

American Shorthair


4. Bengal

The Bengal is descended from the Asian Leopard, which is reflected in their pattern and coat color. Nowadays they are real house cats, but they still have traits of their ancestors. They have the same exotic look and the same amount of energy. But they also play quite rough, so the wild behavior is not quite out of their system yet.

These cats love to play with you. They enjoy spending time with you during training. So, does your training look like playing a game? Then your cat will love to join in. They really enjoy playing fetch, but can also learn other tricks they like quickly.

Bengal cats love water. Therefore, you do not have to be surprised if your cat turns on the tap itself to play with the water. It is better not to leave a Bengal unattended for too long, because before you know it, he or she will have created a water ballet in the kitchen or bathroom. They are also very curious by nature and take everything apart to see how something works. A Bengal is ideal for people who like to train their cat. Challenge them especially with brain games.

Bengal cat


5. Japanese Bobtail

You can recognize the Japanese bobtails by their short-kinked tail. They originally come from Japan, but nowadays they are known all over the world. The Japanese Bobtail is a cat full of energy. Are you tired? Your cat will still have energy to play. In addition, they are smart animals that prefer to get attention from everyone, even from strangers on the street. Because they love attention and have a lot of energy, they are easy to train. To get them to do what you ask, reward them with treats and lots of praise.

Because they love attention so much and don’t care from whom they get it from, these cats are also great for households with small children. Teach your children to train your cat as well and they will be the best of buddies.

Japanese Bobtails prefer to help you with everything, so they will even climb on your shoulder to watch what you are doing. Do not leave your cat alone for too long, they do not like that. But fortunately, you can easily take them somewhere, because they are fine with traveling.

Japanese Bobtail


6. Turkish Van

The social Turkish Van loves to play. They are curious by nature and love to get attention. These are some of the reasons why these cats are so easy to train. If you have a Turkish Van cat, your cat likes to have a lot of interaction with you. Therefore, they find playing and training extra fun. Let your cat fetch some toys or teach him or her some funny tricks.

These cats love water, so don’t be surprised if your cat suddenly dives into the bathtub or the pond. They love to swim. It is smart to clean up breakable objects, because this cat easily breaks jars and other breakable items. This clever cat also knows quickly how to open a faucet. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to your faucets. Before you know it, your water will be running for a while! They can also easily jump to the highest points in the room. The Turkish Van likes to cuddle with you, but often finds it less pleasant to be held. Usually Turkish Van cats are white, with some color on their head and tail. All these characteristics make this breed really easy to train compared to a lot of other breeds.

Turkish Van cat


7. Somali

With the Somali, the question is whether you will train him or her, or whether you will be trained. The Somali is related to the Abyssinian, which you can see this in its behavior. Just like Abyssinians, Somalis are intelligent, active and playful cats. They like to play fetch, but they also like to hide and to open water taps. Especially for children, playing hide and seek with their cat is very fun to do. Somalis are also mischievous cats. They inspect cupboards and drawers themselves to see if there is anything interesting to find. Therefore, keep the food and cat treats locked up, so they can’t reach it.

This cat breed likes to learn something new. The good thing is that they learn quickly. Opening doors or turning on the lights by themselves are tricks they do of their own accord. The best way to train these cats is with a treat, because they will not do it as quickly for another reward. Also, Somali cats like to follow you around the house. They also like to sleep near people or other animals.

If you leave them alone for a while, make sure they have a toy to entertain themselves with while you are away. In terms of appearance, the Somali is a longhaired cat breed, with a beautiful hazel brown coat with orange tones.

Somali cat


8. Maine Coon

These large giant cats are very impressive. They have a large body with a fluffy tail. They are also very relaxed and you can train them well. Maine Coons love to learn tricks and it doesn’t take them long to master something. Their favorite activity is fetching balls and chasing their toy mice. The Maine Coon remains forever young in their behavior. So, if he or she entertains you with their funny behavior, it will remind you of the behavior of a kitten.

A Maine coon will follow you around the house, but if your cat notices that you are busy, he or she will also leave you alone. Maine coons are quiet cats, but they won’t sit quickly on someone’s lap This is probably a good thing, since they will be quite heavy because of their large size. In general, these cats do not jump on high furniture.

Maine Coon cat


9. Ocicat

Would you like an exotic looking cat that does have the behavior of a house cat? Then the Ocicat is a great breed for you. It is a curious and adventurous cat. The Ocicat is a cross between an Abyssinian and a Siamese. They like to follow their owner everywhere, whether it’s in the house or travelling on a boat or RV. They are smart and active cats. During playtime, they enjoy learning new tricks. The Ocicat likes to play fetch and learn tricks, so give them extra time and attention to play with them. Once in a while you may even think you have a dog instead of a cat.

These cats also get along well with other animals and children. Because the Ocicat is very social, they do not like to be left alone for a long time. These cats are also great jumpers. So, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find your cat on a high cabinet in the kitchen.

Ocicat cat


10. Pixiebob

The appearance of the Pixiebob is very similar to the wild mini bobcat. However, research has shown that they are not related. The Pixiebob is a hyperactive cat and feels at home with people. Does your child grow up with a Pixiebob? Then they probably will become inseparable buddies. These cats love to cuddle and rarely become aggressive, which also makes them easy to train. Train them from the first day you have them. By doing so, you will notice that it is a lot of fun to spend time with them and teach them fun tricks. You can even train this intelligent cat to walk on a leash.

Training this cat breed works the best with tasty rewards. Your cat will quickly understand that if he or she does what you want, he or she will get something tasty in return. In general, the Pixiebob is a bit more anxious, so if you make it clear what the rules are, your cat will soon follow them. When you are patient and persistent, you can teach them all kinds of things. Make the training sessions more fun by doing something different each time, to keep it exciting. Also remember that positive rewards help to get your Pixiebob to do what you want.

Pixiebob cat


11. Savannah

These beautiful cats are reminiscent of a wildcat, with an athletic body and brown fur with spots like a cheetah. The Savannah is smart and likes to prank you. For example, to wake you up earlier, this cat will throw something over, so it will land on your head. But this cat also likes to open the tap to play with the water. You need to actively excite this cat breed, by walking with them on a leash, playing with toys or games, and letting them run up and down the stairs. They like to move around a lot, so a large house with a big yard is not a luxury. Let them fetch all kinds of things or play in the water. Since they are not afraid of water, you can even train them to take a bath.

Do you want to teach your cat something? Then be aware that it is still not a dog, although he or she sometimes can remind you of a dog. So, your cat may be skittish. This is especially helpful to know when you are trying to teach your cat to walk on a leash.

You now know which cat breeds are easy to train and how you can do this the best. As you can see, there are many different breeds to choose from. Are you planning on training a cat? Do you already know which breed you’re going to get? Or have you already trained a cat? Please let us know below this article, because we would like to know your experiences and ideas!


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